Helly Hansen Gataga Boots Are a Must This Season

Even the most hardened sneakerheads know they can’t rock kicks for every day in the winter. The weather gets nasty and, if you’re like me, you’re not trying to take a shoe out in the mud, snow, ice, and salt. It’s not a good look.

On those days, make sure you have another option. That’s where the Gataga boots from Helly Hansen come into play. Available now at Champs Sports, these boots are a must for the winter season, considering the upper is made of premium waterproof nubuck leather. The boot also features a fleece-lined collar, a premium EVA midsole, and rubber outsole.

These joints are admittedly pretty close stylistically to Timberlands, but they are slightly more streamlined, one that works well tied tight with fitted jeans. The Helly Grip outsole was created through Helly Hansen and their designers’ experience on stormy trails, and they are promising nothing will keep you more moist or comfortable, or give you a better grip on those rough and slippery surfaces. The boots also used four different technologies within the upper to keep you feeling protected and secure.

Available in a number of different styles, Helly Hansen boots are flexible both in their makeup and in their use. Whereas Timbs are pretty secure in their streetwear lane, Gatagas can add something to your look in just about any setting.

For those nights when kicks just won’t work for you, cop a pair of the Gatagas from Helly Hansen. Combine these boots with some fly outerwear this year and you’ll be able to keep it fresh even on the worst days and nights.

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