Hear Me Out: A Pregame Playlist for This Year’s NCAA Tournament

  • Future 2016 pregame playlist


    1. "March Madness"


    Is there really a more fitting song to start this playlist off than Future’s “March Madness?” Get the party started with this hit and your team will go from regular season to playoff mode in no time.

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  • French Montana 2016 pregame playlist


    2. "Man of My City"


    The world has been gifted another great mixtape from French Montana: Wave Gods, hosted by the legendary Max B. French has a collaboration on the tape with Kanye West and Nas that doesn’t even compare to this song. “Man of My City,” featuring GOOD Music artists Travis Scott and Big Sean, is the best track on the tape. Perfect for any type of pregame.

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  • Future, Drake 2016 pregame playlist


    3. "Big Rings"


    Six months later and this song is still boomin’ in your headphones. This track, and even the entire album, has to be a stable for any pregame basketball playlist. If the Warriors are messing with it, your team should too.

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  • Plies 2016 pregame playlist


    4. "Ran Off On Da Plug Twice"


    My guilty pleasure track right now is definitely Plies’ Ritz Carlton “Ran Off On Da Plug Twice.” The infectious track has been getting some serious attention online, garnering 10 million views in three months. Plies even named his tour the Ran Off On Da Plug Twice tour. Every college team needs to bump this song before and after their game.

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  • Fabolous 2016 pregame playlist


    5. "Doin' It Well"


    One of the most slept-on songs out right now. Fab enlists Nicki and Trigga Trey to create a smooth mixtape smash. We even get some basketball references from Nicki with “I need a baller laid back” and “I let him score, but we ditch the ref.”

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  • Meek Mill 2016 pregame playlist
    6. "Fa Sho"


    If you haven’t heard of T dot Illdude, not to worry. I hadn’t either before this song. To be honest, I still haven’t heard a T dot song. Now that the truth is out, let me tell you, this song is fire. The track got overshadowed because of another song on this list that dropped at the same time. Go out and get this W, that’s Fa Sho.

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  • @frenchmontana

    7. "Moses"


    Similar to most songs nowadays, the radio has been slow on picking up this jam. The standout track, featured on French’s previous mixtape Casino Life 2, has gotten a ton of recent radio play. A soulful Chris Breezy is always necessary for a pregame playlist.

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  • Macklemore 2016 pregame playlist


    8. "Brad Pitt's Cousin"


    First of all, this beat is nuts. Second, if you haven’t listened to Macklemore’s new album you should–it is definitely worth it. Listen to the lyrics carefully. This one will put you in a great mood and make sure you are just lose enough for tip-off.

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  • Drake 2016 pregame playlist
    9. "Summer Sixteen"


    For a Drake single this song has been pretty quiet. Don’t let the silence fool you, this song is dope. It’s not your typical Drake radio hit like “Hotline Bling,” “Jumpman” or even “Back to Back.” But it is perfect to bump before the biggest moment in your collegiate career. It’s true–they don’t want you to win this game…so go out and do it.

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  • Young Thug 2016 pregame playlist


    10. "Best Friend"


    You might not be able to understand what Young Thug is saying, but I promise you will be ready for your game once this song ends. If you don’t believe me, just ask Alabama’s coach Avery Johnson.

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  • Future 2016 pregame playlist
  • French Montana 2016 pregame playlist
  • Future, Drake 2016 pregame playlist
  • Plies 2016 pregame playlist
  • Fabolous 2016 pregame playlist
  • Meek Mill 2016 pregame playlist
  • Macklemore 2016 pregame playlist
  • Drake 2016 pregame playlist
  • Young Thug 2016 pregame playlist

Now that the Knicks season is basically over, I can focus on March and doing what I do best: creating the perfect 2016 pregame playlist. The NCAA Tournament is unlike anything of its kind. Fake fans, major fans, and everyone in-between fill out a bracket and sit around a computer streaming games all afternoon. It’s amazing.

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Unfortunately, I don’t work for Berkshire Hathaway so Warren Buffett will not be paying me $1 million for the rest of my life, but I do plan on creating a perfect bracket. All jokes aside, this should a great tournament (which I will in fact be streaming from my desk like the rest of you guys). This has been one of the most even seasons in recent memory. Lots and lots of parity among the top tier of college basketball, from top-ranked Kansas and their plethora of stud upperclassmen to No. 14 Maryland and their stable of talented transfers. There isn’t one, two or even three powerhouse teams that are a lock for the Final Four this year. In fact, the four No. 1 seeds this year are going to have a tough time just making it out of the Sweet 16.

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Is it the year of Cinderella teams? Who knows. Will a 16-seeded team finally beat a No. 1 seed? Most likely not. One thing is guaranteed, though–we are going to bless you, the fans and the players, with an amazing pregame playlist for this year’s NCAA Tournament. Similar to our pregame playlists in the past, this one will feature rap bangers from artists like Future, French, and even a relatively unknown smash from Macklemore. It is the perfect playlist to get you ready for one of the most exciting times in sports. Whether you are a freshman about to take the court in your first March tournament or you are sitting in your cubicle praying for a miracle upset, this playlist will put you in the right mind frame for insanity.

Major playlist alert. This is a Pregame Playlist for This Year’s NCAA Tournament.

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