Hear Me Out: 10 Hip-Hop Songs From Last Year That Should Make Your Warm-Up Mix in 2016

  • Jadakiss


    1. "Realest In The Game"

    Jadakiss (Feat. Sheek Louch & Young Buck)

    What’s a warmup mix without some Jadakiss? Kiss dropped a top 10 hip-hop album this year with his highly anticipated T5DOA. There were a number of tracks that could have led off this playlist, but “Realest in the Game” is the most fitting. The Yonker’s MC grabbed his brothers Sheek and Buck, who happened to destroy their verses. This one will get your warm-up on the right track.

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  • Meek Mill 2016 pregame playlist


    2. "Lord Knows"

    Meek Mill

    What a year for Meek. The Philly corner-freestyle rapper turned mega-it superstar made one crucial mistake. A week or so after dropping an amazing #1 album, he decided to diss the 6 God via twitter. Big Mistake. Two diss tracks later, one of which is now Grammy nominated, and Meek’s stellar album hasn’t gotten the praise it deserves. From start to finish the body of work is up there as one of the best hip-hop albums of the year. Like Drake, Meek’s first song on the album sets a tone of anger, hustle and grit. This song was intertwined into Michael B. Jordan’s Creed, so it only makes sense to add to your warmup mix in the New Year.

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  • A$AP Rocky


    3. "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2"

    A$AP Rocky

    Didn’t it seem like Rocky had an effortless year? Obviously he had to deal with the death of his best friend Yams (RIP), but from a music perspective he barely dropped anything and still crushed it. He dropped the album early summer and added some bars on a Selena Gomez song, but not much else. “LPFJ2” has a sick beat, perfect to get you excited about a workout or game.

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  • @bigsean

    4. "All Your Fault"

    Big Sean (Feat. Kanye West)

    Big Sean just continues to get bigger and bigger. The Detroit native dropped an album in Q1 of 2015 and didn’t look back. His features added up during the year, but it was his album that really stood out. With some enlisted help from Travis $cott and his mentor Kanye West, Sean created “All Your Fault.” The Travis sound is not only heard throughout the song, but has been a staple in rap music this year. If you aren’t yelling STRAIGHT UP in your pregame warm-up you are doing it all wrong.

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  • Drake


    5. "Energy"


    The only artist with two spots on the list. It’s Drake’s world and we are all just living in it. This is up there as the best pump-up song of the year and an album that went platinum. Listen to this one and get ready to give it your all.

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  • Wiz Khalifa


    6. "Respect"

    Wiz Khalifa (Feat. Juicy J & K Camp)

    Before the year ended Wiz blessed his fans with Cabin Fever 3, a small 11-song mixtape for the OG fans that have been following him since the beginning. He enlists friends Juicy J and K Camp to help us get through this warm-up.

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  • @cody_macc

    7. "Tabs"

    Cozz (Feat. Bas)

    You may not have heard of either of these artists, but that’s okay because you will in 2016. Cozz and Bas are both signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville imprint.

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  • Kendrick Lamar

    Jon Elbaz/Flickr Creative Commons

    8. "Alright"

    Kendrick Lamar

    I couldn’t avoid putting the anthem of the year on this list. Kendrick’s album was more of a musical bible than a sophomore album. His song “Alright” would be heard at various protests across the country. It’s a feel good, let’s-go-get-this-win anthem. So, turn it up louder and get amped ‘cause you got a game to win.

    image via Jon Elbaz/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • A$AP Ferg


    9. "New Level"

    A$AP Ferg (Feat. Future)

    The newest song to make the list needs to be added to every type of rap playlist for 2016. We all know Future was the hottest rap artist of 2015, but Ferg holds his own in this new masterpiece. This is the perfect track for a warm-up playlist. If you need to take your game to a new level just put this one on repeat a few times.

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  • Drake


    10. "Back to Back"


    This might have to be everyone’s No. 1 track on their warm-up playlist. The first diss track to ever get nominated for a Grammy. Who are you kidding? This song is STILL absolute fire. Complex recently caught up with the producer to give a little more insight on how the song came about. The 6 God really is a genius for this one. Now that you’ve had a proper warm-up, go out there and get this W!

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  • Jadakiss
  • Meek Mill 2016 pregame playlist
  • A$AP Rocky
  • Drake
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • A$AP Ferg
  • Drake

You know what time is it. The kid is back with another fire playlist. This time I am rounding up all the top hip-hop songs from 2015 and generating a playlist that would have The Rock motivated to go to the gym.

It’s been an interesting year for rap, one that will probably go down as one of the most controversial of all time. We saw new rap beefs started and old ones continued, mostly thanks to social media. Kendrick, Drake, A$AP Rocky, and a handful of other’s dropped some certified classics while youngins Fetty Wap, Rae Sremmurd, and a few more enjoyed rookie albums. Overall, it was a pretty solid year.

I would have loved to see albums from Cole, Jay or Kanye. But that didn’t happen. The Revenge of the Dreamers album from Cole’s team was great, but we still need that solo project. With no surprise Drake, in my opinion, far and away outshined any rapper this year. It feels like everything he touches turns to gold.

2016 should be another great year for rap. Expect Kanye’s Swish to drop in-between him changing diapers and reading a bedtime story. We should get new music from Cole (hopefully February like he promised), Big Sean, DJ Khaled, and that Dreamchasers 4 from Meek.

There were a ton of anthems that could have made this warmup playlist, but I had to narrow it down to ten. The key ingredients to the mix is heavy drums, smooth beats, and cut-throat lyrics. LET’S GET HYPED. Here are 10 Hip-Hop Songs From Last Year That Should Make Your Warmup Mix in 2016.

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