Hear Me Out: 32 Songs that Every NFL Team Should Be Listening To

  • Philadelphia Eagles

    K Camp ft. 2 Chainz – “Cut Her Off”

    You really only know how valuable something was to you once you’ve let it go from your life. That is what the Eagles have done with Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson, both to rival teams. While Nick Foles had a sensational rookie year and LeSean McCoy was back on top in the RB ranks, losing Foles’ favorite target and a solid backup with a different dynamic than Foles will be highly scrutinized throughout the entire season. An opportunity for Riley Cooper to continue his improvement and for Jeremy Maclin, returning for a 2013 season-ending injury, to prove he is a No. 1. So if these moves prove to bring them the NFC East they seek to defend and moves them further into the playoffs, then you can bet it was meant to be.

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  • Bobby Shmurda
    New York Giants

    Bobby Shmurda“Hot Boy”

    It’s hard to know what to expect from the New York City Giants, but one thing you can bank on is when they’re hot, they’re hot, boy. Eli Manning may not be the most consistent of quarterbacks, but it’s hard to get him out of a hot streak, especially when he decides to turn the late season afterburners on heading into the playoffs. And it looks like it could be another heated NFC East battle between the up-and-coming Eagles and the Giants, but keeping Victor Cruz happy and utilizing ex-Raider Rashad Jennings or newcomers Andre WIlliams and Odell Beckham to their full potential will definitely help bring that title back to NYC like Bobby Shmurda is currently doing for the rap game.

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  • Dallas Cowboys

    Wiz Khalifa – “We Dem Boyz”

    Well, they are “dem boyz” by name alone, but the Dallas Cowboys will again be one of the most scrutinized teams in the league. Tony Romo, who just completed yet another back surgery, will be the best QB one week, then the absolute worst the next, which shouldn’t happen facing the weak NFC East. The loss of vets DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher to free agency and Sean Lee to preseason injury will definitely be huge hits to an already up-and-down defense. But the offense still has flashes of brilliance in guys like DeMarco Murray, and Dez Bryant. And you never know what that crazy ol’ fool Jerry Jones is gonna pull out of his butt during the season, so there is certainly enough to keep the yea- and naysayers talkin’ ’bout dem boyz for the entirety of the season.

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  • Washington Redskins

    Rick Ross ft. Drake/French Montana – “Stay Schemin'”

    New coach. New offensive and defensive threats. A healthy quarterback. All that equals a Redskins team that is going to stay schemin’ until they find something that works. That could prove to be tough after an ugly 3-13 season that saw a sophomore struggle from Robert Griffin III and defensive breakdowns the entire season. The additions of WR threat DeSean Jackson and D-line stud and ex-Cowboy Jason Hatcher are great for rookie coach Jay Gruden, and the promise of Alfred Morris‘ stellar first two seasons and the chemistry Garcon has with RGIII, they may be schemin’ all the way to an NFC East championship. Ruh!

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  • Cleveland Browns

    A$AP Rocky – “F***in Problems”

    While the lyrics may need to change, it definitely fits the offseason the Browns have faced. A high-risk/high-reward first-round pick in Johnny Manziel and then Josh Gordon not focusing on the on-the-field stuff have caused a raucous that the team in its entirety may not be able to, or even want to overcome until some changes are made in the front office.

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  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    Rick Ross ft. Drake – “No New Friends”

    Looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 roster has some familiar faces that showcased high-octane offensive and defensive schemes in 2011: their last winning season. But that Tebow Magic they got put under in the 2011 AFC Wild Card Game apparently was still affecting Roethlisberger and crew last season as they followed an 8-8 2012-2013 season with the exact same result. They’re hoping young guys like Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, alongside newcomers LeGarrette Blount and Lance Moore will bring some rejuvenation to an aging crew, but the Steelers are only a shell of somebody we used to know.

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  • Baltimore Ravens

    Eminem – “Guess Who’s Back”

    Are the Baltimore Ravens back? Back again just two years removed from a Super Bowl victory followed by a disappointing 8-8 season and missing the playoffs entirely? It certainly seems the case as they look to leader Joe Flacco to live up to his bajillion dollar contract alongside emerging stars Jacoby Jones, Bernard Pierce, and Dennis Pitta. The addition of an energetic Steve Smith adds a great target for Flacco. From a football standpoint, both Ray Rice and Jimmy Smith look to bounce back, especially Smith, who can help bring the defense back to elite status like they were two seasons ago.

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  • Cincinnati Bengals

    Lil Wayne ft. Drake – “Believe Me”

    The Bengals have depended on Andy Dalton as the only man to get the job done. And believe me, he’s done his part getting them to the playoffs the last three years. It’s just winning an actual playoff game he can’t quite grasp. He and A.J. Green put up One Direction numbers, connecting on 98 passes for 1,426 yards while BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard combined for over 1,400 rushing yards. Second-round pick Jeremy Hill looks to added to that RB collective. Geno Atkins is healthy and looking to come back and become one of the best defensive tackles everyone thinks he can be and first-round pick Darqueze Dennard is looking to live up to his high pick while leading the secondary. They aren’t the only ones who can get the job done on D, but will they be able to help the Bengals get some Ws in January?

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  • New England Patriots

    Pharrell – “Happy”

    The New England Patriots should be nothing but happy all the time. Rob Gronkowski is healthy and should be ready to catch 11 million touchdowns again. Vince Wilfork is back and ready to absolutely destroy all O-lines again. Tom Brady is, well, Tom Brady. And the already impressive defense has been bolstered with the addition of shadow cover corner Darrelle Revis. What’s not to be happy about this season? See, coach Belichick is smiling from ear-to-ear, per usual.

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  • Miami Dolphins

    Kid Cudi – “REVOFEV”

    Yes, the Miami Dolphins organization as a whole has been under a lot of stress. Last year they still managed to pull out an impressive 8-8 record, just one win away from making the playoffs behind a so-so campaign from second-year QB Ryan Tannehill. But, with improvements from him, especially behind a relatively new O-line, the addition of Knowshon Moreno after a career-best year, an explosive Mike Wallace and an improved defensive backline, are the Dolphins poised for an AFC East revolution?

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  • New York Jets

    Drake – “The Motto”

    If ever there were a coach in the league who’s motto was YOLO, Rex Ryan is your man. And he should have the Jets into the 2014 season with a little bit of swagger in their step, considering they just barely missed the playoffs in a year they weren’t expected to do squat. QB Geno Smith showed flashes of greatness and will look to improve the numbers of the worst statistical offense last season, while learning from the triumphs and mistakes of newly acquired ex-Eagle, Michael Vick. Chris Johnson joins a decent running back committee headed by Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell, but the addition of standout WR Eric Decker has filled a void that’s been gaping since Santonio Holmes‘ exceptional 2010 and 2011 seasons. This is a season where the Jets can continue to build upon their successes from a year ago.

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  • Buffalo Bills

    T.I. – “No Medicore”

    The Bills had a mediocre 6-10 record while going a mediocre 3-3 in a mediocre AFC East. Coach Doug Marrone isn’t having that anymore. E.J. Manuel is looking to bounce back from a mediocre rookie campaign that was hampered by injuries, keeping him out of six contests. Losing Stevie Johnson hurts, but adding sensational wideout Sammy Watkins gives Manual an exceptional pair of hands to strike. The RB duo of C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson has been a great one for the Bills. The D-Line is strong, and there are some hungry guys ready to lead the secondary after the departure of Jairus Byrd. The Jets are an unknown and who knows if the Dolphins can keep their chemistry in the locker room. It’s very possible the Bills battle the Patriots and get out of mediocrity.

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  • San Diego Chargers

    Eminem – “Berzerk”

    Everyone knows that thunder is the rumbling sound you hear before lightning strikes. It also produces a fear every NFL team wants to strike into the hearts of their opponents; a roaring boom right before the treacherous bolt hits. That’s pretty much how the Chargers ended their season last year, with a boom and a bolt, ending on a four-game regular season winning streak, only to go in and upset the Bengals in the AFC Wild Card game. It’s also how Eminem announced his return to music: with a banger. Led by a banner season from veteran Philip Rivers, the Bolts look to leave more teams thunderstruck with their formidable run game led by Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead and a receiving corps that’s quick and berserk as, well, lightning.

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  • Oakland Raiders

    Avicii ft. Aloe Black – “Wake Me Up!”

    “Wake me up when it’s all over” are pretty much the only words than can describe how the Oakland Raiders 2014-2015 season will end up. Seems as though they are trying to put together the All-Madden team from 2007, adding Matt Schaub after a tough 2013 campaign with the Texans, as well as Maurice Jones-Drew, Justin Tuck, Charles Woodson, and LaMarr Woodley, all players seemingly past their prime. So why not wake the Raiders up from this nightmare of a schedule when young guys like draft picks ILB Khalil Mack and Derek Carr and a new draft class are there to wake up to?

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  • Denver Broncos

    Macklemore – “Can’t Hold Us”

    Coming off one of the more impressive seasons in recent memory behind a QB who was all but written off, the Denver Broncos certainly aren’t going to surprise anyone with their success this year. Healthy returns from Von Miller and Chris Harris along with the addition of veterans DeMarcus Ware and Aqib Talib bolster a so-so defense, and a high-powered offense that put up a staggering 37.9 points per game. Unless you have the same schemes and flustering plays as the Seahawks sans Super Bowl XLVIII, it’s going to be pretty tough to hold off the Broncos.

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  • Kansas City Chiefs

    50 Cent – “Winner’s Circle”

    Are the Kansas City Chiefs ready to win? They certainly showed their promise last season with an 11-5 overall record, but had just a 2-4 divisional record with their only two wins against the Raiders. But there’s no denying that Alex Smith‘s consistency and Jamaal Charles‘ dominant running was number 1-like. They didn’t have a great offseason with free agency, losing a gang of O-linemen to protect Smith and Charles, as well as their inability to pick up any new defensemen to make an immediate impact, but gaining a healthy Justin Houston back is critical. It’s still up in the air whether Andy Reid can lead them back to the winner’s circle, but he certainly has the pieces.

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  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Kendrick Lamar ft. Dr. Dre – “The Recipe”

    New coach Lovie Smith has the correct recipe as a coach: he’s steady, never too high or low, and knows what it takes to win, having guided Chicago to the Super Bowl. With a long-term deal, Smith will bring stability to a team that’s needed it. Tampa Bay will also be looking to the outside in hopes of finding a foundation. The team’s two 6-5 wide receivers (Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson) could pose serious problems for defenses, and give the offense some legitimate playmakers on the perimeter. Add in new potential stud QB Josh McCown and the Bucs fans have to be thinking they have all the ingredients.

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  • Carolina Panthers

    Chris Brown – “Loyal”

    Speculation about Cam Newton‘s health have made the press and fans disloyal. The top four wide receivers from a year ago ain’t loyal and left during free agency. So how can Carolina bring loyalty back to the team for the 2014 season? Well, keeping Newton healthy would help, especially after a stellar 2013 season with 3,379 passing yards and 24 passing TDs. Building off of the RB trio of DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, and Mike Tolbert while acclimating the incoming WR core with rookie Kelvin Benjamin as the new go-to guy. But keeping that stalwart of a defense led by 2013 NFL defensive player of the year, Luke Kuechly. That should bring some of the fickle people back on the Panthers side.

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  • Atlanta Falcons

    Jay Z – “The Ruler’s Back”

    After just a few plays away from a trip to the Super Bowl in 2012, injuries led to a staggering 3-13 overall 2013 record. But the ruler of all WR duos in recent years is back and Matt Ryan has been letting out a four-month sigh of relief because of it. The team’s offense struggled heavily without the presence of Julio Jones, so everyone, including Roddy White, saw declining numbers except for Harry Douglas. While they all look to improve their numbers from a year ago, they will need to fill a huge hole that the retirement of vet TE Tony Gonzalez leaves and there needs to be an increase of production in the RB position from Steven Jackson, Jacquizz Rodgers, and fourth-round pick Devonta Freeman. All of this starts with how Ryan performs. Then, maybe, just maybe, the Falcons can return amongst the rulers of the NFC.

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  • New Orleans Saints

    Big Sean, Kanye West – “Clique”

    Can anybody really mess with the Who Dat clique? Yea, I’m talkin’ Brees. Yea, I’m talkin’ Graham. Yea, I’m talkin’ Payton. Hard to dispute the un-mess-withability of a Saints team with Brees, who just had his third consecutive season of 5,000-plus yards passing to one of, if not the most dynamic receiving corps in the league. Or locking up the best TE in the league for four more years. But now that they’ve signed elite safety Jairus Byrd and vet corner Champ Bailey to bolster their already improved defense, they are certainly on a fast track to get back to elite status and bring home another ‘ship.

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  • Minnesota Vikings

    For the Vikings, with their entire team really revolving around the best skill position player in the league in Adrian Peterson, the time is now. Peterson might be a physical marvel but he’s not a superhero either, and he’s hitting 30 years old next March. The running back is in his prime right now and Minnesota should take advantage of that.

    Rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater seems like he understands that, and is really impressing so far through training camp. Most likely he’ll be the one starting when the games matter and how far ‘Sota goes could fall on his shoulders.

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  • Green Bay Packers

    Drake – “Trophies”

    Trophies. Green Bay has 13 of them, the most of any NFL team. But Aaron Rodgers and crew haven’t seen a Lombardi since 2010. Just narrowly making the playoffs last year with an 8-7-1 record, Rodgers’ five-game absence was apparent as they went winless in that span. But, though they don’t have trophies for it, the Packers could prove to be an unstoppable force in the NFC North and beyond with a healthy Rodgers and Randall Cobb, who missed nine games last year. Rodgers’ favorite target, Jordy Nelson ,just signed a fat contract and Offensive Rookie of the Year Eddie Lacy is looking to surpass his impressive rookie stats behind a great O-line. Oh, and Clay Matthews is back to bring the Packer defense back to its dominance.

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  • Chicago Bears

    Chief Keef – “I Don’t Like”

    Not making the 2013 Playoffs? That’s that stuff the Bears don’t like. An embarrassing loss to the Eagles to knock them out of the playoff hunt? That’s that stuff the Bears don’t like. A healthy Jay Cutler for an entire 2014 season, another stellar multi-purpose year for Matt Forte and the continued emergence of dynamic WR duo Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. That’s that stuff the Bears DO like. But it all really depends on the improvement of the abysmal defense, which they’ve attempted to improve with the signing of Lamarr Houston and Jared Allen along with using two of their top picks on defensive tackles. Remember when the Bears used to be a feared defense? That was that stuff opposing NFC North teams didn’t like. This is their chance to get back to it or there are going to be a lot of unhappy people in the Chi, on and off the field.

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  • Detroit Lions

    Kanye West – “Power”

    Calvin Johnson is just way too powerful for his own good. I mean, did you see the clinic he put on against the Cowboys to the tune of 329 receiving yards? No one man should have all that power. And, even though he is almost impossible to stop, it could certainly make his job easier if Matthew Stafford had more highs than lows in the 2014 season and the dynamic tandem of Reggie Bush and Joique Bell stay healthy. The addition of Golden Tate will hopefully be a huge help to Johnson’s coverage since Tate also has big play ability, but can play the slot when needed. It all comes down to the consistency of Stafford and a defense that new coach Jim Caldwell will be paying very close attention to moving forward. But hopefully, Megatron’s theme music at the end of the season will be more comparable to Graduation Kanye and not an 808s and Heartbreak ‘Ye.

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  • Houston Texans

    YG – “My Hitta”

    It’s going to be a scary sight for offensive players going up against Houston Texans’ hittas J.J. Watt, a healthy Brian Cushing and newcomer and helmet-tosser extraordinaire Jadeveon Clowney. The Texans could very well have one of the best linebacker sets in the league, but that won’t make a difference if veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t do better than Matt Schaub and Case Keenum and if Andre Johnson is unhappy, as he has vehemently voiced in the offseason. Arian Foster looks to play a full season without worrying about injury or if Ben Tate is going to snipe some touches, but adding Andre Brown could give relief should Foster not be able to avoid injury yet again. Needless to say, you will likely be hearing “my hittas” an awful lot in NRG Stadium after those crunching blows from those terrifying linebackers.

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  • Indianapolis Colts

    DJ Khaled – “All I Do is Win”

    It’s great when your team is good enough to win, but it’s even better when your schedule is an absolute joke and you have more guaranteed wins then “maybes.” Yes, the fact that Andrew Luck is coming off a stellar season, they get a healthy Reggie Wayne back and they picked up WR Hakeem Nicks are all valid, but the fact that they are sporting one of the easiest schedules of the season that should be a 12-to-13-win team this season is glaring. Can their theme song carry over into the playoffs?

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  • Jacksonville Jaguars

    Drake – “Started From the Bottom”

    The Jacksonville Jaguars managed to win four games last year with flashes of OK-ness. But their 2014 offseason was one of the best in the league, picking up six offensive players in the NFL Draft, all of which have an opportunity to contribute right away. They signed Toby Gerhart, a perennial powerhouse No. 2 back with the Vikings who can now prove his worth as a starter, and drafted Blake Bortles as their QB of the future and stellar WRs Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson who will try to make an immediate impact to supplant the loss of Justin Blackmon. All standout moves to try and take them from the bottom to, well, the top.

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  • Tennessee Titans

    Lorde – “Royals”

    Will the Titans ever be royal, again? A team who saw constant success in the early 2000s and a 13-3 regular season in 2008. Jake Locker looks to be healthy after an injury during a promising start to 2013 and has the O-line to try and keep him healthy. Former Chief Dexter McCluster and second-round draft pick Bishop Sankey are battling Shonn Greene for a healthy starting RB spot to replace new Jet, Chris Johnson. But did they do enough to create a different kind of buzz (read: result) then the past couple unsuccessful seasons?

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  • St. Louis Rams

    .fun – “We Are Young”

    The St. Louis Rams are the youngest team in the league and they could fast become one of the most exciting. While it’s hard to really tell if Bradford is the man for the job after injuries and subpar seasons, but if there were ever a year to prove himself, now is it, and hopefully he can get some relief from WRs Tavon Austin and former Titan, Kenny Britt. Zac Stacy now has a full season to prove he is an absolute stud, and drafting 2014 Heisman-finalist, Tre Mason, will put the pressure on him. Bringing Jake Long back into the fray to help a struggling defense is promising but, lest we forget that the Rams are still in the NFC West and that inexperience will not help them set the NFL, let alone the world, on fire.

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  • Seattle Seahawks

    DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon – “Turn Down For What”

    Super Bowl XLVIII champions Seattle Seahawks should turn down for no one. Russell Wilson, a rags-to-riches type of story in the 2013-2014 season, is playing in a contract year, Percy Harvin is healthy and will hopefully see his first full season in a few and Marshawn Lynch, though currently in a contract dispute, will be ready to truck stick all opponents in his way and the O will up their 26.1 scoring average. Oh, and the walk-and-talk Richard Sherman defense that managed to get 38 takeways last season, along with the loud and crazy fans at CenturyLink Field, are still the most feared in the league. They just need to prove themselves once again in the blackhole of the NFC West. The only other team this is an applicable theme song for is the Cleveland Browns and that’s for totally different reasons.

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  • San Francisco 49ers

    Rae Sremmurd – “No Flex Zone”

    The San Francisco 49ers only allowed 17 points per game in 2013. That’s what we call a “no flex zone.” Except when Colin Kaepernick with a freshly-inked six-year, $26 million deal, decides to capitalize on his excellent run game. The talent on this team is just dripping, as it has been for the past few Super Bowl-winless seasons, but the addition of dynamic receiver Stevie Johnson could prove to be the difference on offense. The imminent loss of Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman‘s recovery are hiccups in their master defensive scheme, but hiccups to say the least.

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  • Arizona Cardinals

    Robin Thicke ft. T.I./Pharrell – “Blurred Lines”

    Are the Arizona Cardinals a real deal playoff contender or are they another pretender? The lines are definitely blurred for this upcoming season as they battle in the tough NFC West where, whoever makes it out alive, will be hard to stop. We know they want it: that’s apparent with the addition of former Jet standout Antonio Cromartie to an already stellar secondary, and former Raider O-linemen Jared Veldheer to help protect an effective Carson Palmer. A strong finish to last season after a rocky start hopefully puts them on the good foot, especially after just barely missing the playoffs.

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  • K Camp
  • Bobby Shmurda
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • Rick Ross
  • 2 Chainz
  • Drake
  • Eminem
  • Lil Wayne
  • Kid Cudi
  • T.I.
  • Eminem
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Lil Wayne
  • Jay Z
  • Big Sean
  • Logic
  • Drake
  • Chief Keef
  • YG
  • .fun

Do you smell that? No, not that. Sorry, I had a burrito for lunch. I’m talking about the impending 2014 NFL season literally weeks away. While that usually also spells cold weather, it also means another chance for last season’s champs to defend their crown while everyone they left in the dust can try to redeem themselves. Every team is going into the season with one thing in mind: to destroy everyone. There are only a few things that can hype up a player to the point that they want to proverbially rip a QB’s head off or truckstick any opposing defender in their way. Music seems to be one of those definitive things that gives us normal civilians goosebumps when a song is played at the right moment during a particular emotional state. Now imagine that as you sit in your home field tunnel getting ready to go out onto the field to play a high-profile game in front of thousands of people in the stands and even more at home.

We all wish we had a theme song to follow us around throughout the day to predict exactly how things are going to happen. Why not do just that for the upcoming NFL season? Each team has gone through some changes in the offseason, made some adjustments and are looking to make their mark and continue on in January. Some are well on their way while some definitely have something to prove. Predicting the season is tough, but hopefully each team can find their voice alongside these 2014 NFL Team Theme Songs.

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