Hear Me Out: 10 Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard That Will Have Your Pregame Playlist Lit

  • Zeds Dead Murs
    "One Time"

    Zeds Dead feat. Murs

    Setting the right tempo before a game is important for an athlete of any level. Luckily there are bangers like this one, from EDM beast Zeds Dead and legendary West Coast rapper Murs. This one is made for chest pumping, so why not start your own dance circle and get the whole team involved.


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  • Treefort Music Fest/Flickr Creative Commons

    "How You Rockin'"

    Symba feat. Iamsu!

    A song with a great melody and most importantly an energetic vibe will get you in the right frame of mind, and ready to hit the field or court with purpose and intensity. The recent resurgence of the “hyphy” sound is almost perfect for the sports world, with this cut from new recruit Symba being one of the standouts. Teammate Iamsu!, who joins him here, is no stranger to locker rooms across the country, having been featured on NBA Live 14 and on the Golden State Warriors anthem “Champion.”

    image via Treefort Music Fest/Flickr Creative Commons

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  • Compton soundtrack
    "Medicine Man"

    Dr. Dre featuring Eminem, Candice Pillay & Anderson .Paak

    The good Doctor is a constant staple at sporting events everywhere, with classic hits like “The Next Episode” and “California Love” always getting boomed over the sound system. A trendsetter since the late ‘80s, Dr. Dre continues to create bangers for the public to adore, as is the case with “Medicine Man.” Not only does it have a heart-pounding beat, but it features a typically spirited verse from Eminem, a lyrical athlete who always manages to turn any track into a game-changer. So blast this one, that’s Doctor’s orders!

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  • Koi Child


    “Black Panda”

    Koi Child

    When a song can make you bop your head and rock your shoulders at the same time you know you’re onto a good one. This funky hip-hop crew has concocted a track so full of energy that any team would be on the right track having it on their game day playlist for this season.


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  • Young Thug rapper

    David Wolff - Patrick/Getty Images

    “Work Ya Muscle”

    Eearz feat. Young Thug

    No matter your sport, a good warm-up is key. You need to loosen those joints and get your mind cleared. There’s no better anthem for that right now than the rather self-explanatory “Work Ya Muscle” from newcomer Eearz. The infectious vibe will get your team in the right mood and get them moving. Just as with all rookies, they need some more experienced players to bounce off. Here, Young Thug lends his skills to really put this track over the top.

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  • Pusha T rapper


    "Bussin' Moves"

    Hit-Boy feat. Pusha T & Quentin Miller

    Get yourself in the zone to glide to that fourth down or hit that basket with this super smooth motivational anthem. Producer Hit-Boy goes in Steve Kerr mode, laying the foundations for his team to succeed. With the beat in place, Pusha T and Quentin Miller work in perfect harmony, like they’re Steph Curry and Klay Thompson under the bright lights of the NBA Finals.

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  • Wave Chapelle rapper


    "Let's Win"

    Wave Chapelle feat. IshDARR

    While overconfidence to the point of cockiness can negatively impact any player, it never hurts to have a winning attitude. Hailing from a state with a great sports tradition (Wisconsin), Wave Chapelle strikes that ideal balance between confident and poised and helps you do the same during your game day preparation.

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  • “Ps & Qs”

    Mick Jenkins 

    If the rap game had a draft, Mick Jenkins would easily be one of the hottest draft picks going. Always adapting his game to match the situation, the future all-star player goes into beast mode on this hard-hitting cut. His final message here: stay on top of your game at all times.


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  • Bigga Rankin rapper


    “1 Of 1”

    Bigga Rankin feat. Cool Amerika & Young Dolph

    It takes a long time and years of effort to get to the point of walking in the shoes of a superstar. With this cinematic track on your game day playlist you will be one step closer.

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  • SRH rapper


    “One Eye Closed”


    “Never give up” is an often overused phrase in all aspects of sports, but it doesn’t make it any less valid. Being a winner is not just something reflected in your actions, it’s also a mentality. “One Eye Closed” is all about going that extra mile and keeping your eye on the prize at all times.

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  • Zeds Dead Murs
  • Compton soundtrack
  • Koi Child
  • Young Thug rapper
  • Pusha T rapper
  • Wave Chapelle rapper
  • Bigga Rankin rapper
  • SRH rapper

As the sticky hot temperatures start to calm down and the leaves begin to change color, it signals something monumental. We’re not talking about pumpkin lattes here. What we’re hyped for is the start of the football season, and the imminent return of basketball. It’s what many people have been waiting a year for.

It’s a special time for fans and athletes alike, where epic moments are waiting to be had and legends are ready to be made. If TV and movies have taught us anything, it’s that every important moment in life needs to have a great soundtrack. This rings particularly true for players getting psyched up on game day.

Keeping everything in perspective and not getting thrown off by the enormity of what you’re doing is hard, whether you’re on the high school or college field or in the major leagues. By getting in the zone and maintaining clear objectives you can excel, which is where an inspiring and energizing pregame playlist can help.

No matter how passionate and motivated you undoubtedly are already, an amazing playlist can give you that extra boost. Helping you upgrade your locker room pregame routine, we are proud to present 10 Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard That Will Have Your Pregame Playlist Lit.

This collection of tracks from fresh-faced newcomers and veterans reflects the diverse array of athletes out there and is bound to get you going on game day. This list even makes us want to hit the field, so go out there and get hyped.

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image via Christopher Johnson/Flickr Creative Commons