Style Points: How to Shut Down the Haters, Featuring Shabazz Napier and Justin Timberlake

  • Justin Timberlake

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    Justin Timberlake

    The Grizzlies aren’t the flashiest team in the league. They just get it done. So far this year, they’re doing exactly that, rolling to a league-best 15-2 record and looking better than ever. I’m not sure they can keep it up but they are certainly opening eyes, especially from those people who said they wouldn’t make the playoffs this year.

    More wins equates to more fans. Too bad that doesn’t apply to Justin Timberlake, who responded to a “bandwagon” accusation on Twitter with the ultimate roast and mic drop, saying, “Uh… I’m from Memphis and I’m an owner. Anyone else? #WigSnatch”

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  • Shabazz Napier

    UConn’s finest has too much handle for anyone on Brooklyn to control. Just watch Deron Williams, who was once known as a pretty good defender, literally do a 360 trying to check Napier. That’s just obscene. Luckily for the Nets players involved, this play didn’t end up in a bucket. That would’ve shut down all of the highlight shows.

    Napier has drawn some criticism as a pro prospect. But he’s already showing South Beach that he can handle all the buzz.

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  • Le'Veon Bell

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    Le'Veon Bell

    Bell rolled over Tennessee for 204 yards in a recent Monday night win over the Titans. That was cool, even if it robbed me of Ws in TWO different fantasy leagues. What was even better was the ankle-breaker Bell put on free safety¬†Michael Griffin. That’s just ugly.

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  • Anthony Davis

    Regurgitating Davis’ numbers from this season is almost overkill at this point. All you need to know is that he’s played like the best player in the world. He’s been even better than LeBron. Think about that. Dude is 21 years old.

    So we shouldn’t really be surprised when he does something like this, even if it is absolutely insane. First, Davis blocks LaMarcus Aldridge‘s jumper — an almost impossible-to-touch shot — and then he recovers to snuff Wesley Matthews‘ attempt…before beating everyone down the floor. Freak.

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  • Jeff Green

    Did you know Jeff Green is probably the best player in the NBA that nobody seems to notice? So far this year he’s averaging just under 18 points per game, along with fantasy-relevant numbers, like a combined average of 3.1 blocks-plus-steals-plus-triples per night. Overall though, we still like him for his hops. Marcus Morris found out about them in the wrong way recently.

    Green also had a ridiculous dunk over Eric Bledsoe in the first half.

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  • Rich Williams

    Yep, that’s just about the best out-of-bounds play ever…and also the worst way you could let a game go to overtime. Luckily for UMass, they ended up winning this one, 77-68. Saved themselves some embarrassment.

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There’s nothing the general establishment despises more than a bandwagon fan, and in this day and age — call it a “Post-Decision” age — with players switching teams more than ever before, this is more relevant than ever before. If your team is struggling, you better stick with them, if only so you can flaunt your colors once the team eventually rebounds to become a powerhouse again. But if you’re one of those cats constantly changing your loyalty, or maybe even following one stud player rather than a team, you get hated on.

Never mind the fact that there are people out there — like yours truly — who have moved around so much that we can’t maintain allegiance to one team, in this age it’s all about reppin’ for your city. That’s where Justin Timberlake comes in.

JT is both a part-owner of the Grizzlies and a homegrown talent for Memphis, so the last thing you probably want to do is question his loyalty. Yet that’s exactly what a random fan did on Twitter recently, outright calling the Memphis legend out as the basketball team has surged to the best record in the league.

The rest didn’t go too hot for the fan.

In this week’s Style Points, as always, it’s not about what you do but how you do it. JT responded with that Ether and besides him recently, we saw some incredible highlights from people like Le’Veon Bell, Jeff Green, and the stud himself, Anthony Davis. However, none of them can top JT.

In this week’s Style Points: How to Shut Down the Haters, Featuring Shabazz Napier and Justin Timberlake.

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