The Greatest Summer Sneakers Ever Made

  • Nike Air Huarache White
    Nike Air Huarache

    The Huarache, like the Jordan XI, is another Tinker Hatfield masterpiece that has been been a favorite within sneakerheads. The Huaraches were Roshe Runs before Roshe Runs ever existed. They are comfortable and a trendy sneaker that will not let you down during the summer time. All-white versions just dropped earlier this month and without a doubt you will be seeing them on a lot of feet this summer.

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  • Air Force One Low best white sneakers


    Nike Air Force One

    The AF1 is the best-selling sneakers of all time due to the high demand year after year around this time. They are the first sneaker to ever use Nike Air technology. White-on-white is a classic silhouette that will always be relevant in the sneaker community. Soon as the spring drops or heading into the summer, you can never go wrong with a fresh pair of AF1s on your feet. While some sneakers are bought particularly to hold onto for a few years, these are usually thrown out after the year is up and the cycle continues. Whether you call them Uptowns, Forces, or rap like Nelly about them, these will forever hold a place in history.

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  • adidas Stan Smith

    adidas Originals

    adidas Stan Smith

    Before basketball players like Michael Jordan were becoming icons for wearing sneakers, it was tennis players who were the targets to sell shoes. As one of the best men’s tennis players at the time, Stan Smith was the obvious choice for adidas to reach the American’s consumers. The sneakers featured leather and a herringbone bottom for better traction on the court. The iconic logo of Smith is really one of the key components that makes the sneaker standout.

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  • Air Jordan 11

    Jordan Brand

    Air Jordan XI

    The Air Jordan XI is one of the most iconic sneakers ever created. The sneaker’s most recognizable feature is the patent leather around the shoes. The design was a true game-changer and just unheard of at the time. MJ went against the rules and shocked the world by debuting the “Concord” XI in Game 1 of Chicago’s series versus Orlando in the 1995 Playoffs. To be honest, I have never witnessed a weak Air Jordan XI colorway. It will always be a top three silhouette among Jordan collectors. And importantly for this topic, it is one of the most stylish sneakers to rock during the summer.

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  • Nike Roshe Run
    Nike Roshe Run

    The summer time is all about comfort and that is what makes the Roshe Run so special. Easy to put on and extremely light, it is the perfect sneaker to stay active during the summer. While the sneaker sports the “Run” tag in the name, it is a sneaker that was designed to do everything but that and more. They are retailed at an affordable price and have just enough versatility to be your prime go-to sneaker in the summer.

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  • Jordan Brand

    Air Jordan III

    Tinker Hatfield was born during the spring but most of his iconic sneakers are made to rock during the summer. They work for the summer because they are not too high and not too low and they are comfortable. These are the sneakers that turned MJ into a cultural icon and, thanks to Tinker, if it wasn’t for these MJ probably could have built an empire elsewhere other than Nike or even worse…there would be none of this.

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  • Nike

    Nike Air Max

    Nike Air Max technology is one of the most revolutionizing things to ever happen in sneakers. With Tinker and Mark Parker at the head of design, the two created some classics. Nike Air Max sneakers offer some of the best collection of sneakers you can pick for your summer rotation. From the Air Max 1 seen above to the 95, the 90, the Bo Jacksons, Griffeys, Barkleys, and Pennys, there is just so much you can choose from.

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  • Nike Air Huarache White
  • Air Force One Low best white sneakers
  • adidas Stan Smith
  • Air Jordan 11
  • Nike Roshe Run

The summer is almost here and that means that there are some great sneaker releases on the horizon to get you ready. When it comes to setting up your sneaker rotation, much of your decision is going to depend on the season. The spring time for sneakerheads is a period of showing love to your past kicks that were stuck in your closet for some time. The winter is perfect for lacing up a pair of Timbs but there are only a selected few sneakers you can rock that can survive a brutal winter. The fall is very laid-back and a time to rock some great colorways that will look great for the season. The summer, on the other hand, is all about showing out and showcasing your new pickups. It is just about one of the few times where you can have a steady all-white sneaker rotation due to the vast amount of good weather and lack of mud and puddles.

When it comes to the best sneaker to rock for the summer, you have your usual suspects — all-white Air Force Ones are a must. Air Jordans in the summer time will always be a favorite. And then there is the Roshe Run, which has been a favorite for the past two summers and is on its way to classic status one day. With the release of the low-top “Bred” Air Jordan 11 coming tomorrow at Champs Sports, here is a list of the Greatest Summer Sneakers Ever Made.

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