Go Back to School With Some Heat: The Nike Roshe Run “Prism” and Matching T-Shirts

It’s not exactly 6 God status, but the Nike Roshe Run’s time atop the sneaker game has been pretty impressive. After originally releasing in 2012, coming on the heels of 16 outsole revisions and 50 changes to the upper, the shoe quickly developed a following on the streets. It felt like a call back to classic lifestyle silhouettes of the past, like the Chuck Taylor, adidas Superstar, and PUMA Suede. It featured a stripped-down upper that could work with just about any design or colorway, and honestly, it helped birth the legions of followers that we’ve seen since. Designed by Dylan Raasch, the shoe sold out during its first run and hasn’t slowed down since.

Partly because of this shoe’s impact, the sleek, lifestyle look is completely in right now and that won’t change this fall. It’s going to dominate everyone’s “Back to School” shopping list. The latest version to drop at Champs Sports is the “Prism,” coming correct in three different colorways as part of a larger collection that also features matching Nike branded graphic T-shirts. The sneakers will be available in black, grey, and sky blue, with the shirts to match up.

The first day of school is important for everyone. Pictures. Impressions. Seeing some of the girls in your class for the first time in months. Don’t fall victim to the hype. Make sure you’re dressed to impress on that first day this year with some more heat from Nike. The Roshe Run “Prism” is so necessary this season.

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