A GIF Guide: How Blake Griffin Can Be Better Than Ever and Finally Get the Clippers to the NBA Finals

  • Blake Griffin pass
    Spectacular passing

    It helps to be able to lob the ball up to a monster in DeAndre Jordan, who has a freakish 7-6 wingspan. But there is no doubt that Blake Griffin’s passing ability has dramatically increased since the beginning of his career. He averaged a career-high 5.3 assists per game this season, while his previous career high was 3.9. It feels like we see a Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan alley-oop at least twice a game now.

    Next year, expect even more of the offseason to go through Griffin from the high post. It’ll be his job to get more people involved.

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  • Blake Griffin jump shot
    Jump shots on the move

    This is probably the biggest improvement to BG’s game since being drafted. I’m sure Blake has spent countless hours shooting in the gym, taking jump shot after jump shot. The clip above just proves how confident Blake is with the 18-foot, top-of-the-key jumper after shooting on the first possession with zero hesitation.

    Griffin is at his best on the move, so don’t expect him to ever be dominant as a post-up player. That’s okay. The more he’s able to perfect this shot, the more the lane will open up for himself and DJ.

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  • Blake Griffin spin move
    Lethal spin move

    What now seems to be his patented move, Blake Griffin has become an offensive juggernaut because of the spin move. We saw it countless times throughout the playoffs with Blake just toying on the Spurs big men. The fact that he can jump like Vince Carter and dribble like a guard makes this move that much more lethal. There really isn’t a player in the league like Blake Griffin and every time he spins and dunks on an opponent a new poster is created.

    Every player has their one signature move. For Griffin, it could soon be the spin, especially in the lane where it almost always results in a highlight or a foul.

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  • Blake Griffin ball-handling
    Coast-to-coast dribbling

    As a huge fan of professional basketball, I find myself watching a ton of random basketball games. (Thanks, NBA TV.) The Clippers tend to have a solid amount of nationally televised games throughout the season, so I get to watch them a lot. One of the things I have noticed over the year is that Blake Griffin enjoys bringing the ball up the court. If his buddy Chris Paul is covered, he tends to grab the board, put the ball on the court, and lead the fast break. The scary part is that he does it well.

    The Clippers are scary offensively because they have multiple people who can bring it up and with CP3 being a better-than-you-think 3-point shooter, sometimes it’s better to have him off the ball. If all else fails, seeing Griffin go coast-to-coast for a jam gets everyone fired up.

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  • Blake Griffin face up
    Face up

    There isn’t a big in the game that can face up and put the ball on the floor as well as Blake Griffin. That is just a fact. The dude can start around the three-point line and cross his defender over like a point guard. He has always been able to this, but since he has worked on his dribbling so much, this part of his game has just gotten better as well. Lucky for Blake, and unlucky for defenders, he is also able to go strong with his left or right hand, another thing that has improved over time. The better he gets facing up with the ball, the harder it will be to defend the man.

    Again, with Griffin playing more and more on the perimeter, he needs to continue to improve this aspect of his game. Knowing how he’s progressed so far, I can definitely see that happening.

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  • Blake Griffin
    Strength around the rim

    One of the biggest critiques in Blake Griffin’s game is that he is too soft. This really doesn’t have to with his actual skill-set, rather the way he plays the game. Basketball can be just as much mental as it is physical. Some of the greatest players of all time were mentally strong and complete trash-talkers. That is just part of the game. Over time Blake has become mentally and physically stronger. The play above certainly proves that. If you are going to purposely foul him around the rim make sure to grab his entire body. If not, get ready for an and-1.

    Because you only get stronger as you get older when you’re still early in your career, there’s no question BG will come back as a bigger and stronger player capable of intimidating anyone in the lane.

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  • Blake Griffin pass
  • Blake Griffin jump shot
  • Blake Griffin spin move
  • Blake Griffin ball-handling
  • Blake Griffin face up
  • Blake Griffin

It’s no secret that Blake Griffin is one of the best talents in the NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers power forward has made great strides since being drafted first overall in the 2009 NBA Draft. A lot of basketball fans weren’t sure how the Big 12 Player of the Year would pan out. Everyone knew he had plenty of talent and could jump out of the gym, but could he develop into a perennial All-Star in a guard-dominated league?

Blake Griffin has since put his haters and critiques to rest. This season he made his fifth NBA All-Star appearance in a row, was voted to the All-NBA Third Team and helped the Clippers to a 56-26 record in the extremely tough Western Conference. Obviously, we all know what happened in the playoffs as the Clippers couldn’t close out a series after leading the Rockets 3-1. But while he struggled at times in fourth quarters, we can’t overlook the fact that he DOMINATED this postseason.

Still, another season with another disappointing finish for the Clippers. To me it doesn’t make sense. They seem to have all the pieces in place: an experienced coach, an incredible point guard in Chris Paul, a defensive-minded center, and of course, a developing young star in Blake Griffin. This team cannot seem to get over the hump, even as the only team with three guys on the All-NBA team. It certainly wasn’t Blake’s fault. His numbers during this postseason were insane. He averaged 25.5 ppg, 12.7 rebounds, and 6.1 assists. BG even dropped back-to-back triple-doubles while Chris Paul was injured.

Can Blake Griffin become that guy that leads his team to the NBA Finals? Two things are for sure: He has dramatically improved his game since his rookie season and he still has the ability to get better. Kobe Bryant even acknowledged the improvements Blake has made over the years.

From passing to shooting to rebounding, Blake Griffin is becoming a man child on the court. Here at The Drop, we have dissected the improvements BG has made since he entered the league. Scroll through and understand why Kobe is never wrong.

Here is a GIF guide on How Blake Griffin Can Be Better Than Ever and Finally Get the Clippers to the NBA Finals.

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