Get Buckets: Under Armour Curry Two for NBA All-Star Weekend

Stephen Curry‘s play on the floor this year with the Golden State Warriors has been nothing short of amazing. He’s basically already wrapped up the MVP award for a second straight year by producing and shooting at an all-time level while the Warriors look to challenge the Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins. In a sense, Curry has gone to another level beyond just superstar–he’s reached that point in his career where he’s redefining what the game looks like. He’s setting the standard, the trends, he’s so good that he’s influencing everyone, from other players and coaches across the league to even young kids still in elementary school.

So it’s no wonder the Under Armour Curry Two has been thriving. Add in impressive sneaker performance technology, such as full-length Charged cushioning and a herringbone outsole tracking pattern, as well as one hit colorway after another, and you have the recipe for true greatness.

Available today at Champs Sports is Stephen Curry’s latest colorway for NBA All-Star Weekend. This Curry Two features a white-based upper with gold and red accents along the branding, laces, and inner lining. Curry will be rocking these throughout this weekend, making this colorway one that will likely match up with anything the line released in 2015.

This year, considering the unbelievable run he’s on right now, Stephen Curry will be one of the main attractions for NBA All-Star Weekend. As they always do, UA will be hooking him up with something special–his latest “All-Star” Under Armour Curry Two–to make sure he stays in the limelight. Straight heat.

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