Style Points: Gerald Green Shows Why He’s the NBA’s Best Dunker

  • Gerald Green

    Ridiculous. Gerald Green has flourished as a member of the Phoenix Suns after being out of the league for a few years. We always knew he could jump out of the gym after he won the Slam Dunk contest in 2007 and participated in a few others since. (Still to this day his cupcake dunk is one of my favorites.) But we didn’t know he could do this.

    In a tied 34-34 game at home against the Orlando Magic, Gerald Green decided to throw an alley-oop, to himself. We have seen this type of dunk a couple times before, but this one was flawless. It’s good to see Green finally getting the minutes he deserves in the NBA.

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  • Kobe Bryant

    Another day, another Kobe Bryant milestone. In an overtime victory against the Toronto Raptors, Kobe became the oldest player in league history to record a 30-point, 10-assist, and 10-rebound game. He was exactly 365 days older than Larry Bird when he did it in 1992. It is very fitting that he did this against the Raptors as we all remember that legendary 81-point performance.

    Just don’t remind Kobe that his team is still 11 games below .500.

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  • Johnny Manziel

    A few weeks later than expected, but Brian Hoyer finally got benched for the Texas A&M phenom, Johnny “Football” Manziel. Manziel played well in his debut throwing for 63 yards and rushing for a touchdown, but the Browns lost to the Bills, 26-10.

    Besides the athletic rushing touchdown, Manziel also made headlines by sleeping in the end zone. Only Johnny Football could take a nap next to Manny Pacquiao during a football game.

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  • Ryan Fitzpatrick’s son

    Forget six touchdowns and a team victory. I’m more interested in Ryan Fitzpatrick’s son, Brady, being able to calculate 93×97 in his head.

    We may have a little genius in the making. Don’t forget, his dad went to Harvard, so you never know.

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  • Air Jordan 6
    Shane Victorino

    It seems like Shane Victorino gets laced with the best sneakers in the world. If you don’t believe me just take a quick scroll through his Instagram. He has 1/1 white Yeezy 2s, plays golf in custom Tiger Woods shoes, and got the “Infrared” Air Jordan VI early.

    Shane stays winning with his sneaker game.

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  • Air Jordan 12



    The best sneaker painter in the world has been back at it recently, turning out classic after classic. Fresh off designing a pair of Air Jordan IVs for Eminem to celebrate Shady Records’ new Shady XV album, Mache hooked Toronto’s Terrence Ross up with a custom purple Air Jordan XII. Both are these are so dope we’re not even sure which one we’d rather have.

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  • Gerald Green
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Johnny Manziel
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • Air Jordan 6
  • Air Jordan 12

Throwing alley-oops is fun. Throwing them to yourself must be even more fun. In a recent game against Orlando, Gerald Green styled on everyone when he threw the ball off the backboard to himself to slam a dunk home. It must be nice to have un-human-like jumping abilities.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, you can hate on the five-time NBA champion all you want, but Kobe Bryant is still doing it at the tender age of 36. He is currently tied for the league lead in points per game and decided to mess around and get a triple-double against his second-favorite team, the Toronto Drakes. Kobe is now the oldest player to post a 30/10/10 game. Claps for the grandpa.

At The Drop, Style Points is all about how you do it rather than what you do. This concept rings true for the athletes on the field or court, obviously. But it especially means something to the cats trying to show out when they aren’t dropping buckets or scoring touchdowns.

When you think of baseball players, you don’t really think of sneakerheads. This is entirely false when talking about Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino. He might have the sickest sneaker collection in all of baseball. The dude oozes style when it comes to the sneaker game.

Here at The Drop we like to talk about sports, style, and swag, and not always in that order. Check out this week’s installment, which features Johnny Football’s rushing touchdown, new custom kicks, and why you should bring your son onto the podium after throwing six touchdowns. In today’s Style Points: Gerald Green Shows Why He’s the NBA’s Best Dunker.

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