Flex With the New Brim Theme NBA Snapbacks From adidas

With several major storms coming down across portions of the country, it’s often hard to get young folks to ditch the beanies. It is January, after all. Everyone needs to stay warm. But just as you need to always be prepared for winter with sneakers that’ll allow you to flex, you have to do the same with the rest of your outfit. That includes hats.

Thankfully, adidas has you covered in this regard with a dope new themed collection of snapbacks, featuring all of your favorite NBA teams. Releasing at Champs Sports, make sure you’re stepping it up past the simple fitteds and 5 Panels. And trust us when we say that these’ll have people feeling your swagger.

The NBA snapbacks all have themed brims circling around something specific and unique about their particular team and city. For instance, the Bulls have a brim flooded with roses to call back to the typical Running of the Bulls in Spain while also playing off the name of their point guard, Derrick Rose. Miami takes a similar approach, with a brim covered in flames. Also shown are the hats for Brooklyn and San Antonio, who both have themes inspired by the culture of their cities.

This winter, don’t get caught up consistently wearing beanies. They have a place, and with the right touch can have your style on fleek. But there’s a time and a place for everything and with the basketball season gearing up (as well as the high school scene) for the famed All-Star Game, these snapbacks are perfect.

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