February’s Hottest #MyGameMondays Instagram Sneaker Pictures

  • Air Jordan 13
  • Air Jordan 11 bred
  • Air Jordan XX9
  • Air Jordan 6 bred
  • Air Jordan 11 Concord
  • Nike Air Force 1 Yeezy
  • Air Jordan 6 Carmine
  • Nike KD 6 Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Nike Barkley Posite Max

As our own Jordan Rogers wrote recently, part of being a sneakerhead is about relishing the competition. Everyone has a desire to be different, to one-up the person next to them, to take it to the next level. And in this day and age, that all starts with Instagram.

“Most of us feel the same pain in our hearts and souls if you walk into a room wearing the same shoes as someone else,” Rogers wrote. “I’ve been known to turn around and change if I find out someone else is wearing the same kicks. Ever texted your buddy to make sure he’s not rocking what you’re rocking? If so, you might be a sneakerhead.”

Instagram didn’t come around for the first time in 2014. It merely exploded. Sneakerheads had always used the platform to stay involved in the community but last year was really the first time that those same sneakerheads became real influencers. From @JumpmanBostic to @sneakersensei, if you’re on IG and you’re flossing a ridiculous collection, there’s a better than solid chance that you end up influencing wannabe sneakerheads all across the globe.

Champs Sports is at the forefront of that movement, constantly pumping up the industry with their regular #MyGameMondays hashtags. Every Monday you have to bring your game to get a shoutout. If you don’t? Well, safe to say you’ll be losing the game.

With February all but over, we’re looking back on some of the best #MyGameMondays Instagram pictures from this past month. As always, Jordans are the highlight.

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image via Jordan Brand