February’s Best #MyGameMondays Instagram Sneaker Pictures

February is routinely one of the year’s most important sneaker months. Not only do we get an extended look at who started the year off right in January, but more importantly, it’s NBA All-Star Weekend.

NBA All-Star isn’t just about the game or the dunk contest anymore. The event takes over a city for an entire weekend–in this case Toronto–and the culture of basketball permeates throughout…from the parties to the events to the music to the style. In a way, it has become an unofficial sneaker holiday not only because of the presence of sneaker events and seemingly the entire sneakerhead community, but also because it’s a hub for a number of great releases, both on and away from the court.

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In this month’s edition of our continuing series, we dipped into the Champs Sports hashtag, #mygamemondays, to take a look at some of February’s Best #MyGameMondays Instagram Sneaker Pictures. Check out some of the highlights below and use this as a reminder to step your game up in March.

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