Everything You Need to Know About Nike’s “Easter” Basketball Collection

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    It's releasing on April 2

    Yep, not much more needs to be said here. If you miss the release date or forget, there’s not much we can do to help.

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  • Nike Swoosh


    Will feature matching gear

    Each sneaker will feature matching T-shirts, hats, and socks upon the release and we have to say, considering the colors used in this collection — we’re specifically talking about Kyrie’s purple and the sunset lineup used on the LeBron 12 — we can’t wait. Cop and show out this season.

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  • Kobe Bryant injured

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    Kobe and KD will probably never wear their colorways

    Ahh, Kobe Bryant was shut down this year with his third-consecutive season-ending injury. It stinks, especially knowing the end might be in sight for him next year. But let’s face the fact that the Mamba will probably never play in these joints. It doesn’t mean someone else might not suit up in them — hello, Nick Young — but Bryant certainly won’t.

    LeBron and Kyrie are hosting Chicago on Easter. You have to think they’ll be rocking their colorways. Meanwhile, Durant’s Thunder have the early matchup against Houston. Too bad he’s not around either. I hate injuries.

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  • Nike KD7


    Color inspirations

    We already told you about Bryant’s robin egg inspiration — you know, this is spring so it makes sense. It’s the season of new beginnings for everyone. But the other shoes have some cool tidbits in this regard, too. Irving’s purple plays off of the longtime concept of Easter, while also emphasizing his status as a part of the new breed of players in 2015. LeBron’s sunset colors and contrasting black are inspired by his unique penchant for color-blocking clothes in his off-the-court life. And finally, the KD7 edition is supposed to mimic street art.

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  • Nike Kyrie 1


    Sneaker tech

    All four sneakers feature technologies that work specifically to their player. For example, Durant’s KD7 is built low to the ground and tight around the upper with its Hyperposite heel, the iconic mid-foot strap, and the responsive Zoom Air cushioning.

    Whereas Durant is looking for something to lock his foot into place, Kyrie’s kicks are all about changing direction and speed, and you get that through his 360-degree dynamic traction and Zoom Air.

    LeBron’s shoe features the trifecta of Megafuse in the upper, Hyperposite, and the new hexagonal Zoom Air on the outsole. All of that is necessary for a player so big, so strong, and so fast.

    Finally, Bryant’s sneaker is always considered one of the top on-court performers and this edition is no different with dynamic traction and a hybrid cushioning system.

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  • Nike "Easter" Basketball Collection
  • Nike Swoosh
  • Kobe Bryant injured
  • Nike KD7 "Easter"
  • Nike Kyrie 1 "Easter"

Quick question: Am I allowed to absolutely love Nike‘s new “Easter” basketball collection despite the fact that I haven’t seen them in person yet, let alone tried them on or even played in them? That might depend on your stance among sneakerheads. Some of the old schools dudes would call you a hypebeast if you liked something just from a few pictures. I just can’t help it. I love this collection. It’s simple. The inspirations make sense. And above all else, the colorways are stupid dope.

Of the four sneakers, only the KD7’s liquid lime and vapor green gives me any sort of pause, and that’s a slight one. It’s still nice. It’s just that the shades of red and purple used for the Kobe X — inspired by the color of a robin’s egg — and the Kyrie 1 — a classic color to fuse the old school and the new — are so incredible that they can’t help but stick out. Lastly, the LeBron 12 might be the best of all, featuring black Hyperposite wings to contrast a subtle floral print on the pastel sunset glow-colored upper. Beyond lit.

The collection is dropping this weekend at Champs Sports and considering all four of these kicks are must-haves, you best have your wallet ready. But before you do that, chances are you feel like you need to know a little bit more about them. What else is coming with them? Will there be shirts? What do the colors mean? What tech is being used? Don’t worry about all of that. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Nike’s “Easter” Basketball Collection.

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