Eminem’s Greatest Sneaker Lyrics

  • "Berzerk"

    Lyric: “Guess it’s just the way that I’m dressed, ain’t it. Khakis pressed, Nike shoes crispy and fresh laced.”

    Eminem’s single off of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 mentions the most popular sneaker brand in the world, Nike. The line is simple yet eloquent. Em rocks nice pressed Khakis and some clean, freshly-laced Nike sneakers.

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    "No One’s Iller"

    Lyric: “New Lugz, give the crew hugs, guzzle two mugs. Before I do d**** that make me throw up like flu bugs.”

    Who remembers Lugz? Hint hint — they are trying to make a comeback. Let’s see how that works out. We all know Eminem did enough crazy stuff growing up to knock Future into tomorrow, which this line from one of his earliest songs helps solidify.

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    "Welcome to D-Block"

    Lyric: “On D-Block, where everybody wants to be ‘Pac. And you can get p***** over the new G-Unit Reeboks.”

    The good ol’ days when shoes brands linked up with rappers and didn’t really know how to create a real partnership. 50 Cent got extremely rich off his deal with Reebok, even claiming to outsell Jay Z’s S Dots.

    Eminem is spitting the truth here and is way ahead of his time. Not sure if anyone is copping the G-Unit sneakers anymore but there is certainly a lot of hype surrounding limited Air Jordans.

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  • "Cinderella Man"

    Lyric: “Here’s a clue. He came to a ball in a wife beater lost his Nike shoe, It’s in your a**.”

    Ever kick someone and get your shoe stuck? ‘Cause Eminem did and unfortunately for him, it was one of his RE (rapper exclusive) sneakers. I guess Eminem needs to take the L and just create another collaboration with Nike.

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  • "Shady 2.0 Cypher"

    Lyric: “Tell Joe I need his empty box from his old shell toed adidas.”

    Eminem goes on to rap, “So I can put these babies in the fetal position, they’re getting elbows to the p****.” This line is brilliant and can be taken a handful of different ways.

    Joe Budden is a pretty big sneakerhead himself, so it makes sense that he would lend an empty adidas box to Em. Then you can interpret babies in the literal meaning or replace it with rappers. Eminem is taking shots at his competition and has no problem elbowing them below the belt.

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    Lyric: “The only key that I see to defeat you. Would be for me to remove these two adidas and beat you. And force feed you ’em both, and on each feet is a cleat shoe.”

    Angry Em. There really is no better dude to listen to when you are angry and pissed off. Eminem spits a flow warning his opponent of the shoes that he’s about to break out.

    The new face of adidas seems to be a pretty happy guy. Take note, Em.

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  • Eminem
    "Yellow Brick Road"

    Lyric: “It was cool till your man MC Shan came through. And said that Puma‘s the brand ’cause the Klan makes Troops. It was rumors but, man, g****** they flew. Must’ve been true because man we done banned they shoes.”

    This is basically an extension of Eminem’s lyric in “Groundhog Day.” Troops went bankrupt due to the rumors that the guys who owned it were less than friendly. Eminem understands a lot of rumors happen, but this one must have been true since the sneakers started to get banned throughout the country. Puma took advantage and signed Meek Mill. That seems to be working right now.

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The greatest rapper alive.

Eminem has done for the rap game what Michael Jordan did for the NBA. Shifted the culture.

I will never forget the day I saw 8 Mile for the first time. I was in seventh grade at a Bertucci’s in Westport, Connecticut. A post-season soccer pizza party. My best friend at the time’s father invited me to see the movie in theaters a few days earlier. He picked me up from the restaurant and drove us to the movie theater.

That was the last time I saw my friend’s father. It was also the first time I vividly remember getting lost in a movie. Since that day I have probably watched the movie a good 5-6 times and listened to the rap scenes way more. “Lose Yourself” is up there as one of my favorite Eminem tracks of all time. It’s safe to say 8 Mile has had an influence on my life.

Eminem’s catalogue is deep. He dropped his first album Infinite in 1996 and later caught the attention of the world when he released his major label debut The Slim Shady LP three years later. Em went on to become the best-selling artist of the 2000s in the US.

The career of Eminem is remarkable and still relevant. The Detroit rapper continues to play shows all over the world, including a handful of shows in Australia and a joint tour with superstar Rihanna.

Today, Eminem and Shady Records release Shady XV, a compilation album compiled of the various artists Mathers has signed over the years, including Yelawolf, and Slaughterhouse.

Here at The Drop, we decided to compile lyrics dedicated to sneakers, shoes, and everything in-between. Scroll through the list of songs to re-hear Eminem’s Greatest Sneaker Lyrics.

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