Don’t Sleep on the PUMA Sky II High

Though PUMA began as a brand that built advanced running sneakers for the serious athlete, over time they developed a unique place in streetwear and sneaker culture. Yes, among Olympians and soccer athletes around the world their shoes are still popular. But it’s been their acceptance of the streets that’s truly helped keep them relevant. Their sneaker collaborations with designers and other brands have not only invigorated their audience but also given new life to previously slept-on sneaker models. Add in their team of trendsetters and tastemakers, names like Rihanna and Vashtie, and their life cycle makes sense. Evolution is key for any brand, and PUMA showed over the years that their silhouettes–though timeless–can still work for a modern audience.

“They’re unique and I like what they stand for,” PUMA fanatic @EddieWinKicks told us recently. “They have more to offer a consumer than other footwear brands in my opinion. On a typical sneaker wall, PUMAs always stand out to me.”

One of those memorable shoes is the Sky II High, a basketball sneaker released in 1980 that featured a mixture of canvas and leather on the upper. Along with some striking colors, the most iconic portion of the shoe were the duel straps going over the ankle. It’s undoubtedly a sneaker of its time and yet, for that very reason, it can work in 2015 if you’re looking to celebrate the retro look. Available now at Champs Sports, the high-top is a nice winter option for those of us still looking to rock kicks in the snow.

Don’t sleep on the PUMA Sky II High as it was one of the more iconic basketball sneakers of the early 1980s. The ultimate high-top is set to release once again this year. Whether you already have basketball shoes or not isn’t really the point. It’s more about embracing history.

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