Don’t Miss the Under Armour Curry 2 Surprise Party

Just hearing the words “Under Armour Curry 2 Surprise Party” makes me smile. Last year’s birthday sneaker for Stephen Curry was one of the best sneakers Under Armour has ever dropped for the reigning MVP.

Curry wore the Splash Party edition in a game against the Knicks and the colorway became an immediate hit. The confetti paint speckles and the glow-in-the-dark base were killer.

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Leave it to UA, though, to take something with the Curry 1 and make it even better for the sequel.

Releasing now at Champs Sports is the Under Armour Curry 2 Surprise Party, a sneaker to celebrate Curry’s 28th birthday. (Doesn’t he seem younger than that?) This one features more color than last year’s release. However, it’s still keeping the same principles between the white upper and confetti sprinkles.

Where UA is really winning is in the storytelling. Okay, a birthday shoe isn’t exactly mind-blowing. But with this being the second release in this particular series, you can see what Under Armour is thinking. In the current climate, every release needs to have some idea behind it, some execution. Random colorways are just that. Random. But develop storylines over time–like Kevin Durant has done with his “Weatherman” theme and like LeBron did with his “South Beach” releases–and you’ll see sneakerheads start to fall in love. They respect storytelling. They respect consistency.

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We haven’t seen a player explode quite like Curry has in a long, long time. Allen Iverson reached the pinnacle 15 years ago. He changed the game. He changed the culture. But even the Answer wasn’t dominating like this. The Under Armour Curry 2 Surprise Party is going to be one of the best sneakers Stephen Curry and his friends at Under Armour release all season. Don’t miss out.

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