Derrick Rose’s Best Sneaker Commercials Ever

  • 5. "Wake Up"

    Sneaker: adidas D Rose 3

    The Return was such a dope concept, but when Rose’s return kept getting derailed and derailed and derailed, it started to lose a little steam. With that being said, the whole idea that the world was waiting breathlessly on D-Rose to return was actually pretty accurate and adidas did a great job in this spot of creatively showcasing that.

    The D Rose 3 has always been underrated. This commercial’s been too.

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  • 4. "9.8"

    Sneaker: adidas adiZero Crazy Light

    This ad never fails to hype me up. Big Sean‘s initial foray into the Rose and adidas partnership — he’d later show up on another commercial — was spectacular. That instrumental is so hard, and those highlights are ridiculous. The whole point of the commercial is to showcase the fact that this shoe was the lightest sneaker ever made. It doesn’t live up to some of the others on this list but it’s such a “hard” spot that I can’t help but love it.

    The initial Crazy Light was never a Rose signature but the two shoes shared much of the same technology.

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  • 3. "All In For Chicago"

    Sneaker: adidas D Rose 4

    When I write that adidas and Rose know how to tap into that remarkable relationship between Rose and his city, I mean it, and more often than not that conversation starts with this 2013 commercial. Name me another basketball player who’s willing to get as vulnerable as Rose does here, where he’s indirectly asking legitimate questions like can he still play? Will he still be a great athlete? Is he done?

    Yes, this commercial didn’t directly highlight the D Rose 4 the way the other commercials on this list did. But in the end, the commercial finishes on a high note with Rose letting Chicago know he’s going all in for the squad.

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  • 2. "The Bull"

    Sneaker: adidas adiZero Rose 2

    “The Bull” is probably the most well-known commercial Rose has ever done. The concept was super dope — turning Rose into the bull itself and having him weave in and out of “traffic” while a crowd looks on in amazement. The ad accentuated Rose’s best qualities on the court, attributes like his quickness, his ballhandling, his hops, and his gladiator-like determination. The production on this one will be hard to top, considering they went to Spain and actually filmed it in an arena.

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  • 1. "Basketball Is Everything"

    Sneaker: adidas D Rose 4

    Let me tell you something…

    This is one of my favorite commercials. Ever. The tone. The flow. The music. The message. Everything about it is just perfect. It debuted last year to promote the launch of the D Rose 4 and while his return in 2013 didn’t go according to plan — 10 subpar games before being forced into yet another extensive rehab — this commercial absolutely killed it.

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  • Derrick Rose
  • Derrick Rose
  • Derrick Rose

I’ve always been a huge fan of Derrick Rose‘s commercials. They are always organic, emotional, passionate, and almost always make it seem like Rose is embarking on some personal mission that deserves more than just our undivided attention. It’s been that way since the very beginning and actually, at least I believe, adidas went to a new level during Rose’s time rehabbing over the past few years. The majority of his commercials have never been about making him look “cool” or making him look like a star. They showcase his will and determination and how he’s been putting on for his city forever. That’s a breath of fresh air and something rarely seen among today’s athletes. (Don’t forget, you must also give Rose credit for opening up about a lot of this stuff. Many athletes wouldn’t do it…or sound genuine.)

Tomorrow at Champs Sports, another colorway of the adidas D Rose 5 Boost is dropping and I have to admit that this is my favorite one so far. With a dope black and white concept, along with a translucent sole, you can’t go wrong. Just like all of his kicks, this one digs into the depth of Rose’s relationship with Chicago, as well as with his family and friends and childhood.

All of that comes to fruition within his commercials, and while we’re waiting on the first truly classic one to showcase the adidas D Rose 5, we can look back with some confidence and say that, well, if all of the earlier sneakers can get laced with awesome ads, we should expect the same for this shoe. Here are Derrick Rose’s Best Sneaker Commercials Ever.

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image via adidas Hoops