Derek Jeter’s Top 10 Moments

  • 10. Mr. Interference

    The famous Jeffrey Maier incident. The 12-year-old reached over the fence to try and catch the home run ball, causing Orioles right fielder Tony Tarasco to not be able to make a play. Luckily for the home field fans, the right field umpire stood by his call of a home run, giving the New York Yankees the first lead in the series in which they went on to win, 4-1.

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  • 9. Mr. Childhood

    I’m cheating a bit here because this isn’t necessarily a defining play in Jeter’s career.

    Growing up watching DJ play shortstop was a luxury. Seeing Jeter scoop a ground ball, gracefully jump in the air and somehow reach first base was a thing a beauty. Almost sounds like I am talking about a ballerina or ice skater performing. Jeter made the “jump throw” a staple in little leagues around the world.

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  • 8. Mr. Kobe Bryant

    One of the greatest and most respected athletes of all time is Kobe Bryant. We saw him tear his ACL, finish taking his foul shots, and then limp over to the sideline. As soon as Jeter went down I thought his career was over. What a stupid thought. I should have known that Jeter would fight back to play one more season. The 2014 season should be dedicated to the doctors and nurses that helped heal Jeter’s broken ankle.

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  • 7. Mr. Subway Series

    Game 4. Pitch number one. “See ya later.” What a momentum killer. The Mets were coming off of a much needed Game 3 win in the classic 2000 Subway Series and you knew who was ready to kill all momentum. Derek Jeter led off the game, swung at the first and just like that the Yankees had a 1-0 lead in Game 4. Sorry, Mike Piazza.

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  • 6. Mr. Clutch

    Defense wins championships. It is a simple as that. Some people may not agree with putting this play at No. 6, but try to understand the situation: Your future Hall of Fame shortstop risks his body to catch a foul ball.

    Plays like this resonate throughout the team and set a tone in the clubhouse. Jeter set the precedent on how to play the game the moment he stepped into the Yankees locker room.

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  • 5. Mr. 3000

    It seems extremely fitting that Jeter’s 3,000 career hit was a solo shot to left field at home, in-front of a sellout crowd. It was amazing to see such a positive inspirational player join so many exclusive, unimaginable baseball “dream” clubs. Only five players, including Jeter, have joined this exclusive 3,000 hit club. Garnering 3,000 hits through his illustrious career makes this play a top five moment in Derek Jeter’s career.

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  • 4. Mr. November

    Due to the September 11th attacks, this World Series began four days before Halloween, meaning the series would end sometime in November. Cue the foreshadow.

    In Game 4 of the 2001 World Series, Jeter hit a walk-off home run off of Byung-Hyun Kim to even the series at 2-2. Unfortunately, the Yankees ended up losing in seven games, but for baseball fans, Mr. November was born.

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  • 3. Mr. 2,722

    It is hard to stand out in a franchise that has 27 world championships, with retired players such as Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and about five more that could be argued as the greatest Yankee ever. Breaking Lou Gehrig’s 72-year-old streak for most hits as a Yankee is up there as one of the greatest moments in Jeter’s career.

    We are all still currently basking in the greatness of Derek Jeter. One hundred years down the road, people might be talking about Jeter as the greatest player to wear a pinstripe jersey.

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  • 2. The Bloody Dive

    Pure grit and hustle. As a coach you love to see this type of play from your All-Star shortstop.

    You absolutely know that Jeter had an extra hop in his step knowing he was playing the Red Sox. Plenty of players could have taken the play off, waited for the next pitch, and moved on. Not The Captain. If you had to pinpoint a play that defined Derek Jeter’s career, this would be the one. The man just played the game with so much passion and heart.

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  • 1. The Flip

    “Derek Jeter with one of the most unbelievable plays you will ever see from a shortstop.”

    Incorrect. This is one of the greatest plays in baseball history. Period. I don’t think this play gets enough credit. Forget the stage (ALDS Game 3), forget the throw (misses the cut-off), forget the Usain Bolt-type base-runner (Jeremy Giambi). The instinct, intelligence, and whereabouts from Derek Jeter on the play were incredible. This might go down as one of the smartest plays in baseball history and DJ made it look easy. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Jeter.

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  • Derek Jeter
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  • Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is more than just a baseball player. He’s a cultural icon, a future Hall of Famer, a trendsetter, a Yankee. He’s a Yankee in every sense of the word, and in a way, he’s carrying on that longstanding New York baseball tradition all by himself.

This weekend, a limited edition Derek Jeter New Era Hat Box will be releasing exclusively at Champs Sports. For any baseball collector, it’s a must-have because while Jeter’s career is rounding into its final turn, his memory will live on for generations. To celebrate, have a look at 10 of the defining plays and moments from the shortstop’s MLB career.

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