New School: The Definitive Style Guide to the McDonald’s All Americans

  • LeBron James, Ben Simmons


    Ben Simmons

    High School – Montverde Academy (FL)

    Committed to LSU

    Instagram handle – @BenSimmons20

    The Aussie-born Simmons is currently rated the No. 1 player in the 2015 class on many different sites. He is your prototypical hybrid forward who has the potential to be a star one day. He is committed to LSU and is definitely going to take that program back to some new heights like the Shaq and Chris Jackson days. When it comes to kicks, Simmons has a lot to show as he always sports a pair of customized LeBrons, KDs, and Jordans. If there is one player to take a bet on who is going to be stud on the next level, Simmons is that guy.

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  • Isaiah Briscoe high school


    Isaiah Briscoe

    High School – Roselle Catholic (NJ)

    Committed to Kentucky

    Instagram handle – @Zaaay_

    We covered Isaiah Briscoe a few months back and that just shows how much style he brings to the court. Kentucky-bound, Briscoe is a true definition of a combo guard: stocky and built like a running back that will bulldoze smaller guards but has the scoring tactics to score with the best shooting guards. Unlike NYC, New Jersey has been producing some solid pros over the years such as Kyrie Irving and Kyle Anderson. Now Briscoe is next up. His sneaker game is on point as he has a lot of customized PEs that would make some pros jealous.

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  • @blakeney96

    Antonio Blakeney

    High School – Oak Ridge High School (FL)

    Committed to LSU

    Instagram handle – @Blakeney96

    One thing is for sure, Kentucky has some competition in the SEC next year with LSU being stacked. With Simmons and Blakeney heading to Baton Rouge later this year, the Tigers are going to be a heavy favorite come tournament time. The two players are that talented. Blakeney is one of the best scoring guards in the country. He plays fearless and will dunk on you if you are not careful.

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  • Dwayne Bacon Oak Hill


    Dwayne Bacon

    High School – Oak Hill Academy

    Committed to Florida State

    Instagram handle – @dlbjr.4

    Oak Hill is the Kentucky of high school basketball. But the Warriors, under coach Steve Smith, have been doing it for decades. Players like Kevin Durant, Jerry Stackhouse, Rajon Rondo, Ty Lawson, and Brandon Jennings all balled at the academy. This year Dwayne Bacon is next in line of hoop hopefuls in the prestigious lineup of Oak Hill players. Bacon has some serious game and is a player that can score in bunches. Judging by his IG page, he is a true sneakerhead rocking some serious heat from time to time. It also helps when your high school team is sponsored by the Jordan Brand.

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  • Malik Newman team USA high school


    Malik Newman

    High School – Callaway High School (MS)

    Not Committed

    Instagram handle –@Iammaliknewman    

    Malik Newman is a different animal than most high school basketball players. Like another Mississippi native Monta Ellis, Newman is an dynamic combo guard that will light you up for 50 on a given day. Newman also pays a lot of attention on building his brand. Newman is on the road to success and learning the business early. He already has his own website and a tailored personal logo.

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  • @fchwpo

    Jaylen Brown

    High School – Wheeler High School (GA)

    Not Committed

    Instagram handle – @fchwpo

    Jaylen Brown has a combination of skills and athleticism that makes him a force at the high school basketball level. Even though he gets compared to Stanley Johnson a lot because of their looks and their build, Brown’s offensive game is as versatile as anyone in the country. Whatever school gets this kid is going to be one proud program.

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  • LeBron James, Ben Simmons
  • Isaiah Briscoe high school
  • Dwayne Bacon Oak Hill
  • Malik Newman team USA high school

Name your favorite American basketball player and odds are/is he played in the McDonald’s All American Game. Besides a late bloomer like Stephen Curry, this year’s MVP ballot includes LeBron James (2003), James Harden (2007), and Anthony Davis (2011), all who have played in the game. The list goes on. The game is the pinnacle of high school all-star games.

The Micky D’s game is the nation’s first glance at the stars of tomorrow. The first time I really watched the game was during the 2002 dunk contest that featured Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. The commentators boasted so much about both players on how they would be future stars. Fast-forward a decade and some more, and the two were teammates on the New York Knicks. The year after 2002, a player nicknamed “King James” dominated the game along with one of the best point guards in the league in Chris Paul.

As we prepare for this year’s game, it is worth noting that times have changed. We are currently in a sneakerhead era of basketball, where gear may seem as essential as talent. AAU programs and elite high school teams provide the best gear from the apparel companies that dominate the grassroots level. The kids are always fresh and ready to look good on and off the court. It is every young baller’s dream to play in this game and with the game set to go down tonight, it is time to get to know some of the style of this year’s class of Mickey D’s All Americans.

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image via Chris Marion