Cop the CSG Joggers to Stay Fresh for Spring

Don’t miss out on some of the best joggers for the spring season. I have a number of friends hesitant to change, friends who are still going out with their old school curtain jeans rubbing up against the ground.

Don’t be like them.

We could argue that the CSG joggers make perfect sense for anyone looking to up their Instagram game and that would probably be enough. But add in the multiple colorways, the sporty design, and the materials and you have something that can act as a staple in your rotation throughout the entire year. Match these joggers with some of the best low-top sneakers on the market and you’ll be straight.

Available now at Champs Sports are a variety of different colors and variations on the CSG joggers, and they’re hitting at a perfect time. Some of the options include varying shades of grey in both solid looks and with graphics. Traditional camo is available, as well as black and white camo. And if you really want to get creative, the joggers are also here in colors like red and khaki.

With everyone looking to unleash their inner photographer for Instagram, make sure your shots are simple and clean, with a lot of emphasis on the kicks. The sneaker community on the ‘gram is close-knit, with a lot of competitive spirit, so there’s always going to be pressure to keep up.

It doesn’t matter how fire the sneakers are. To pull off a fit that’ll have your boys giving you all types of respect, the joggers have to be right. Don’t let yourself get caught on #NTDenim.

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CSG Joggers

CSG Joggers

CSG Joggers

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