5 College Basketball Players With the Potential to Become Style Icons

  • Willie Cauley-Stein Kentucky style


    Willie Cauley-Stein


    Realistically, the whole UK team can be on this list. While it was hard to just pick one player from their squad, I think Willie Cauley-Stein is going to be a standout on the next level when it comes to style. What makes him unique is that he not afraid to take risks. He has already gone blonde during a period of his college career and made one of the boldest moves by donning a teal floral dress shirt under a Kentucky jersey while on the bench during an NCAA Tournament game. Talent-wise, Cauley-Stein is going to be one of those players that will always have a job in the league due to his defensive presence.

    NBA Style Muse – Tyson Chandler

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  • Kyle Wiltjer Nike Kobe 9 Elite What The Gonzaga


    Kyle Wiltjer


    First off, when I wrote the college basketball sneakerheads piece, I forgot about Wiltjer. Somehow the news got to him on Twitter, where he said, “Man they must not know.” Well, I won’t make that same mistake again as Wiltjer has arguably been the MVP when it comes to bringing sneaker heat on the court. He has a massive sneaker collection and has been seen wearing everything on the court, including the “What The” Kobe 9 Elites, Air Jordan IIs, Air Jordan X OGs, and the Nike KD7 “Global Game.”

    Wiltjer has definitely transformed his game after transferring from Kentucky to Gonzaga. He is now the face of the program where at UK he would have been sharing some hefty minutes with about eight other guys.

    NBA Style Muse – Chandler Parsons

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  • @dlozero

    D'Angelo Russell


    Every year, there is a college basketball freshman that comes out of nowhere and makes a huge impact. While Russell was a high-level recruit, he wasn’t getting the same amount of attention as others. Now he is regarded as one of the best guards of the country and is a surefire top-five draft pick in this year’s draft. While he has gained notoriety for his flashy game on the court, his sneakers have been up to par.

    NBA Style Muse – John Wall

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  • @stanimal_5

    Stanley Johnson


    Stanley Johnson is a man among boys. Even though he is just a freshman, Johnson has been the alpha dog at Arizona. He is a fashionable guy and I can see him translating well at the next level. When he announced his college decision by displaying a pair of customized Arizona Air Jordan IIIs, I knew this kid was going to be special. He has the charisma and the physical capabilities of being a star by the summer.

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  • @kosavage12

    Kelly Oubre Jr.


    This season probably has not gone the way Kelly Oubre Jr. pictured. I think some people forget that some of these kids are freshmen and their paths are all different. With that said, being the heir apparent to Andrew Wiggins is a tough job. But Oubre does have massive potential to grow and is going to be a huge asset for the Jayhawks during the tournament. Oubre has his own style that is unique, and has a slick hairstyle: half-afro/half-mohawk, with the sides shaved. Oubre told SBNation during the McDonald’s All-American Game last year that branding was everything. When a site dedicates a whole article on how photogenic you are, best bet you deserve to be on this list.

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  • Willie Cauley-Stein Kentucky style
  • Kyle Wiltjer Nike Kobe 9 Elite What The Gonzaga

When the Fab Five stepped on the court for the first time in 1991, a new era in college basketball took shape. The group — led by Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, and Jalen Rose — became prominent in history for bringing hip-hop culture to the game of basketball. Following them, other players began to take suit, such as Allen Iverson, who became the face of the hip-hop age in basketball. But after the NBA implemented a dress code in 2003, things began to change. The ruling did not only influence pro players but also guys in college hoops to start new fashion trends.

When a sophomore at UCLA by the name of Russell Westbrook broke out during the 2007-08 season, there was nothing special about his fashion style. The Bruins that year were a really great team but there was nothing about Westbrook that would make you think he would become one of the most influential athletes in fashion. Fast-forward eight years later, Westbrook is now a creative director of a fashion company, the face of the Jordan Brand, and has his own glasses line, “Westbrook Frames.” His fashion style has opened new doors.

While you are never going to fully stop a college athlete from wearing sweats and college apparel, there are some guys that have stepped it up a notch when it comes to style on and off the court. Here at The Drop, we have wrote about some of college basketball’s biggest sneakerheads, and the hottest gear they wear, but now it is time to dissect the College Basketball Players With the Potential to Become Style Icons in the future.

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