Chris Paul’s Greatest Sneaker Moments

  • That time he showed off his sneaker room

    I love that he calls it a “closet.” That’s more than a closet, Chris.

    Paul proceeded to break down why he loves the Air Jordan I (versatility), the Air Jordan XIII, and the IV.

    Too many special editions and player exclusives here for us to handle.

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  • That time he showed off Jordan shipments

    It’s good to be a member of Team Jordan, don’t you think? CP3 is known for flossin’ on the ‘gram by showing off ridiculous shipments from JB that would have any sneaker collector salivating. They often contain a mix of retros, unreleased colorways, and PEs. This is like heaven.

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  • Air Jordan 9
    That time he had the whole Kilroy collection

    The Johnny Kilroy collection was meant to pay homage to a character created for marketing purposes during MJ’s retirement. Breathing new life into the Air Jordan IX, the colorways were released separately and were super limited. So, of course, CP3 had to make us mad by showing off the full lineup.

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  • That time he had unreleased Air Jordan 13s

    Not quite as dope as the “Playoff” XIII, but when Paul showed off these shoes on Instagram, the fiends went crazy. With a black leather upper, grey suede, and white pods, along with yellow accenting and red laces, they would’ve been super, super fresh had we ever gotten our hands on them.

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  • Air Jordan 4
    That time he had purple Air Jordan 4s

    It’s very rare that you’ll ever see a proper purple Air Jordan. In fact, that goes for all sneakers. I’ve had only two pairs of sneakers in my life–purple ones–that I really cherished: the Jason Williams Hyperflights and the Nike Air Max 2 CB ’94. But Paul pulled it off here with the Air Jordan IV. Life is good when you’re an NBA All-Star.

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  • Chris Paul
    That time lil' Chris got the hook up

    Chris Paul’s son is basically a celebrity in his own right at this point, and while he gets attention because of how cute he is, having dope kicks doesn’t hurt. Check him out here with his old man, the two of them flourishing like the best of us.

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  • Air Jordan 4
    That time he had Georgetown Air Jordan 4s

    CP3 never went to Georgetown but for anyone who grew up during the ’80s and early ’90s then you know, in a sense, we all went there. You had to be down with the Hoya movement at the time and even a Wake Forest grad can appreciate the classics.

    Stay thirsting, everyone.

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  • That time he had all-red custom Jordans

    There’s nothing more popping in 2014 than all-red kicks. (Thanks Kanye.) CP3 dipped into the mainstream with this sick custom job, turning a pair of Jordan IIIs into the ultimate showstopper.

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  • Jordan CP3.VII
    That time he stunted with the Bel Air CP3.VII

    I will forever argue that the Bel Air CP3.VII is the best colorway Chris Paul has ever put out. It is just so dope and–surprise!–the purple goes so perfectly with the hints of mint, pink, and paint splatters along the grey midsole.

    Paul is normally always right when picking out which colorways will work, but he hit a bullseye with this one.

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  • Dez Bryant PEs
    That time he had Dez Bryant PEs

    If you didn’t know, Paul bleeds for the Dallas Cowboys. With wide receiver Dez Bryant being a fellow team Jordan member, it doesn’t necessarily surprise us that he blessed CP3 with these amazing Jordan VI player exclusive cleats.

    Paul won’t ever suit up on the gridiron, so these might stay deadstock for quite a long time, even if Paul’s caption read like he was going to wear them during a flag football game. We don’t believe you, Chris. Not without photos…because they are just too dope to mess up.

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  • Chris Paul
  • Air Jordan 9 "Johnny Kilroy"
  • Air Jordan 4
  • Chris Paul
  • Air Jordan 4 "Georgetown"
  • Jordan CP3.VII "Bel Air"
  • Dez Bryant PEs

There are a lot of sneakerheads in the NBA. From J.R. Smith to Nate Robinson to Wilson Chandler to Derrick Williams, cats go out there every night looking to outshine the competition. It’s a unique movement, considering it wasn’t so long ago that the NBA was banning certain shoes from the league because they didn’t match with team colors. In 2014, it’s all different, and it’s left me wondering whether this is a product of the new sneaker culture or if it’s the other way around.

Perhaps the NBA’s most underrated sneakerhead is Chris Paul. He’s not super flashy about it. He doesn’t flaunt and flourish on Instagram and social media as often as you think. And he might have the single most overlooked signature line in the league. (I can think of a variety of reasons for this.)

Today saw the release of his latest sig model, the Jordan CP3.VIII, at Champs Sports, a sneaker that features Nike Zoom cushioning and a herringbone outsole for added traction. It’ll continue the longstanding tradition of CP3’s sneakers being marvels for guards and fast play.

The best part about it? Paul spends a lot of time giving his own opinion on what he wants in the shoe. He’s heavily involved, even suggesting which colorways should be released and which ones need to be shelved. He’s been a major Air Jordan fanatic for a long time and that almost always shines through when he starts talking about his own kicks. It all works because he is a big, big sneakerhead. Today, check out Chris Paul’s Greatest Sneaker Moments.

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