Check New Colorways for the PUMA Suede

Even after all these years, the PUMA Suede is still a classic essential needed in every sneakerhead’s rotation, a one-time performance sneaker that has transitioned into a lifestyle piece. And this latest mix of colors being made available for the Suede should appease everyone.

Available now at Champs Sports are several new colorways and designs for both the classic Suede and the Mid. These include Mid versions in both Navy Blue and, our personal favorite, an Arabian Spice/Oatmeal colorway. Also available are classic styles in red, black, and grey, as well as a new black and gold pack that gives the silhouette a little more spark.

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PUMA is doing more than enough to connect with the new generation, aligning themselves with style luminaries like Rihanna–who crafted one of the better recent women’s sneaker releases–and New England’s Julian Edelman, one of the NFL’s more underrated style enthusiasts. If all else fails, though, check how influencers like Eddie Win make sure the Suede is always incorporated into their rotation. As he says, “I’ve got hundreds of shoes, but Suedes always make their way into my weekly rotation. A classic always stands out.”

He’s right. In an era of stripped-down silhouettes and versatile lifestyle pieces that work with both shorts and pants–in any style–it’s important to keep something like the Suede around. The colors and materials may change, but the end result doesn’t. It’s hard to mess these joints up.

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PUMA Suede

PUMA Suede

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