Champs Sports Exclusive: New Era Limited Edition “6 Rings” Pittsburgh Steelers Hat Box

Pittsburgh Steelers fans love to bring up history. How they’ve won six Super Bowls. How they have a great family-run organization. How they run their city. How they have so many memorable moments from back in the day. It’s easy to fall in love with the past and forget that the present probably — no, it does — means more. But when you have a special history like that, ripe with Hall of Fame players, as well as a unique bond with a city that molds its own swagger after the team, who can really fault you for reminiscing about the past?

The city’s love affair with this team extends even further than that. It goes down to the colors. Being from Baltimore, I know all about their hatred of the color purple, and I’ve always thought it hilarious that the city has basically accepted Wiz Khalifa‘s “Black and Yellow” as their own personal theme song.

Dropping on November 22 in a limited edition exclusive from Champs Sports, New Era is lacing its fans with a really dope hat box. (Will your store get it? See here.) Along the same lines as the Derek Jeter box that debuted earlier this year, this set is celebrating Pittsburgh’s history as a championship-winning, smash-mouth football squad. This is the perfect gift for that one Pittsburgh fan we all have in our life, the one guy who never misses a game.

Showcase your fandom this season in the best way possible, by lining up and copping this unique collection that’ll surely be gone before you can even think about it. Head on over to the Champs Sports Launch Locator to see where you can cop.

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New Era "6 Rings" Steelers Hat Box
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