Champs Sports Exclusive: Majestic MLB Gear for the Spring

Spring is here and you know what that means, right? You should be able to sense it. Baseball. Walk around your neighborhood diamonds and hear the smack of the ball against the catcher’s mitt, the crack of the bat. It’s a great feeling because with it comes warm weather. (And the knowledge that the offseason is over.) No more big jackets. No more gloves or winter hats. Your entire sneaker rotation opens up and you can wear whatever you want. Same thing with your wardrobe. For this particular post, that’s especially important, as Champs Sports has the perfect remedy for any baseball fans out there looking to step up their look this year.

Releasing now exclusively at Champs Sports, the “Majestic” MLB collection features everything you could possibly want, from the hottest jerseys of the most popular players to long-sleeve T-shirts to even hats. You’ll be swagging from head to toe, and you’ll be doing it in all black, white, and silver.

Are the colors dull? Depends on your definition. Right now, nothing is more popping than black, grey, and silver, thanks to people like Kanye West, who is changing the game forever through his unique fashion sense and newest signature sneakers with adidas. But combine them with your favorite team’s logo and suddenly it’s not just the diamond that’s lighting up, it’s everything. Whether you’re a Red Sox fan, a Dodgers fan, or even if you’re one of those few people that call the Brewers your squad, there will be something here for you.

Get yourself ready with this new “Majestic” MLB apparel collection, sold exclusively from Champs Sports.

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