Icon: Casey Veggies Is the Epitome of West Coast Style

Hip-hop is a young man’s game. Despite that, to release your first mixtape at the age of 14, that takes some serious talent. That’s what Casey Veggies did, though, dropping Customized Greatly Vol. 1 and subsequently becoming so confident in his still developing talent that he left the group he was currently with and set out on his own. Talk about foresight. Since then he’s released five more underground mixtapes, creating enough of a buzz that everyone from Tyler, the Creator to Kendrick Lamar wants to work with him.

He also dropped his independently released full-length debut album, Sleeping In Class, to rave reviews.

But while his music is too dope to ignore for even people like Jay Z, it’s his style that takes it all to another level. Constantly representing for his L.A. roots — even shouting out Kobe Bryant on the ‘gram — Casey Veggies is routinely seen with a blue Dodgers fitted, corresponding with some blue camo outfit. He’s someone to look up to if you’re trying to increase your rep precisely because he’s comfortable in virtually anything he wears, whether it’s old school PUMAs or high-end fashion like Balenciaga.

Whether he truly blows up or not, we probably won’t know until he drops an official label debut, but at least in this case that’s beside the point. He’ll always have enviable swagger. That’s because Casey Veggies Is the Epitome of West Coast Style.

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