#BracketGenius: See if You Have What It Takes to Beat Champs Sports This March Madness

This year’s March Madness has the potential to be one of the best ones ever. Why? For a few reasons. One, we have Kentucky attempting to finish off a perfect season. Two, Duke is really, really good, which is always fun. Three, there aren’t as many Cinderella candidates this year, which means we’ll likely get one of the best Sweet 16s ever. (Even if there are probably less upsets during the initial weekend.) And finally, four, because if you think your picks are legit you can matchup with Champs Sports and test your #BracketGenius.

Now that the brackets have been revealed and everyone is gearing up for the rest of this week, we are ready to show off the official Champs Sports bracket, which you can see below. From there, all it takes is filling out our own blank bracket — Download Champs Sports Bracket — and tag a photo of it with #BracketGenius sometime between today and before the games start on Thursday. After that, all you’ll need to do is tune into the Madness and follow Champs Sports on Instagram and Twitter for all of the content updates.

Download Champs Sports Bracket

The thing is, Champs Sports doesn’t just know March Madness. We know game. Over the past year, Champs Sports has an 80 percent correct pick rate when predicting marquee matchups throughout all of the major American sports, from taking Seattle to win the NFC Championship and THEN picking against them in the Super Bowl to guaranteeing that Kyrie Irving was about to go off against Portland before watching him shut it down with 55 points. So it is safe to assume that this year, we’re going to be your toughest competition in March.

Will Kentucky finish perfect? Will a school like Notre Dame make a Final Four run? Who is the biggest Cinderella? All of these are questions not yet answered. Get your #BracketGenius on with Champs Sports this year by checking out our picks below and seeing if you can top them.

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