The Best White and Red Air Jordans Ever

  • Air Jordan X
    10. Air Jordan X

    I vividly remember these dropping just as I was heading off to college in 2005. My boy was obsessed with them, had to have them. He eventually got them — paid some extra dough to get them online — and even I had to admit they were one of the most underrated pairs of Xs I’ve ever seen. Using a strict white, red, and grey color scheme, they would fit in pretty well next to this weekend’s release.

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  • 9. Air Jordan II

    One of the most overlooked Air Jordans of all time because it released in-between a couple of classics (the Air Jordan I and III) and because over time most sneakerheads eventually learned that the shoe nearly sent MJ packing. Suffice it to say he wasn’t completely sold. With that being said, the white/red colorway is just stupid clean as a sneaker that’s almost entirely white. This might be the best Air Jordan II colorway of all. It gets extra points for eventually working as a low-top as well.

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  • Air Jordan 14
    8. Air Jordan XIV

    Oh, what could have been. You have to think that if Jordan had continued to play after the lockout of 1998, he would’ve worn these joints on the court. They are perfect home sneakers, with the white ribbed upper and the red teeth. Yes, the tongue and grille have a little bit of black on them, as does the logo, but this is definitely a white and red sneaker, and generally considered one of the three best pairs of XIVs ever made. It was also the second XIV colorway to ever hit the streets.

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  • Air Jordan VI
    7. Air Jordan VI

    The white and maroon colorway of the Air Jordan VI is one of the few original OGs that hasn’t yet been retroed. That, in itself, makes it unique. Plus, between the off-white coloring and the accenting that is much closer to maroon or even violet than the traditional fire red, this particular sneaker stands on its own. Whether it ever comes back or not shouldn’t matter, because it’ll probably never get the love it deserves.

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  • Air Jordan I
    6. Air Jordan I

    One of the original colorways way back in 1985, the White/Metallic Red Air Jordan I is often overlooked because some of its “brothers” like the “Banned” and “Chicago” (another shoe that could’ve made this list, considering it didn’t have a whole lot of black on it) colorways are so iconic. The Jordan I was initially just $65, which is more than a bargain nowadays. These are smooth, stylish, and simple. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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  • Air Jordan XIII
    5. Air Jordan XIII

    One of the Jordan XIII original colorways, this sneaker was worn by Michael Jordan throughout parts of the ’97-98 season and has since been retroed. As amazing as this shoe is, most of Jordan’s best moments in the XIII occurred in other shoes, which normally makes this one of the more underrated colorways of his playing career. It’s super clean, with just enough red to set off that white upper.

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  • Air Jordan XX3
    4. Air Jordan XX3

    The Jordan Brand knew they’d have to hit hard with the XX3, considering the significance of the number. They did all of that, and then some. This sneaker is considered one of the best performing shoes in the line, and the amount of detail found throughout is incredible. The shoe’s original Chicago colorways were solid — even if the “Titanium” edition is still probably the best XX3 — and I’ve always loved the look of the white and varsity red edition that dropped in 2008.

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  • Air Jordan 7
    3. Air Jordan VII "Hare"

    Most sneakerheads wouldn’t refer to these as white and red sneakers, but c’mon, with the red accenting, the red Jumpman, the red heel logo, and the red outsole, these VIIs deserve a spot. Plus, when you’re generally considered one of the best concept Jordans of all time, how can you deny it? Worn during the 1991-92 season and inspired by Bugs Bunny, the Hares are still a classic to this day.

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  • Air Jordan 12
    2. Air Jordan XII

    You might only remember these for that time Allen Iverson put Michael on skates. But I remember them for being possibly my favorite pair of XIIs simply because they were different than the rest of that edition’s run. I know I’m not the only one either. The inner sockliner on this one was black, but with a red mudguard to match the red outsole, these joints were much louder than just about any of the XIIs Jordan wore during the ’96-97 season.

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  • Air Jordan VI
    1. Air Jordan VI "Carmine"

    Yes, this shoe features a little bit of black on it but we’ll let it slide. This IS a white and red sneaker, no matter what you think. And another thing: The Carmine VI is one of the greatest Jordans ever, most likely in the top 20. It was overlooked when it first released, which is crazy when you think about how Jordan actually played in these and how it was an awesome color scheme. When it finally released again nearly two decades later, people went wild.

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  • Air Jordan X
  • Air Jordan 14
  • Air Jordan VI
  • Air Jordan I
  • Air Jordan XIII
  • Air Jordan XX3
  • Air Jordan 7 "Hare"
  • Air Jordan 12
  • Air Jordan VI "Carmine"

Black and red Air Jordans are so popular that they even developed their own name for them. White and red Jordans? They never got the same hype. I’m not sure why, either. Chicago didn’t debut any black-based uniforms until the pinstriped joints they wore at times during their record-breaking 72-win 1995-96 season. Before then, it was always white for home games and red on the road for Michael Jordan‘s squad. So why didn’t the shoes follow suit?

Colors have long played a big role in the birth and evolution of the Jordan line, starting all the way back in 1985 when Nike outfitted MJ with a sneaker that was banned in the NBA because of a color violation.

I’ve always wondered why there weren’t more white and red Jordans. We love the “bred” colorways and yet the white/red sneakers are just as good. Tomorrow at Champs Sports, the legacy continues with the “Grey Toe” (or “Cement Grey”) Air Jordan XIII, a shoe that features a white-based upper and red suede along the midsole and heel. While the name takes after the grey found on the tongue and toe, don’t get it twisted: This is very much a white/red shoe.

To get you hyped up for the release — and trust us, if you’re any type of sneakerhead you can’t be missing this one — today we’re breaking down some of the classics. In the past, we spotlighted the best all-red Jordans we’ve ever seen to play off the Red October hype. Now here are The Best White and Red Air Jordans Ever, minus any player exclusives. Trust us, this list was super hard to narrow down, especially considering so many white-based Jordans have red in them. Technicalities aside, these are all dope kicks.

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