The Best White Air Jordans

  • Air Jordan 11
    10. Air Jordan XI Low "White/Zen Grey"

    Year: 2001

    1 of 10
  • Air Jordan 1
    9. Air Jordan I "White/Natural Grey"

    Year: 1985

    2 of 10
  • 8. Air Jordan XIII "White/Neutral Grey/University Blue"

    Year: 2005

    3 of 10
  • 7. Air Jordan IX Low "White/Chrome"

    Year: 2010

    4 of 10
  • Air Jordan 12
    6. Air Jordan XII "Rising Sun"

    Year: 2009

    5 of 10
  • Air Jordan 5
    5. Air Jordan V "White/Metallic Silver"

    Year: 2000

    6 of 10
  • 4. Air Jordan IV "Pure $"

    Year: 2006

    7 of 10
  • 3. Air Jordan IV "White/Cement"

    Year: 1989

    8 of 10
  • Air Jordan 11
    2. Air Jordan XI "Columbia"

    Year: 1996

    9 of 10
  • Air Jordan 3
    1. Air Jordan III "White/Cement"

    Year: 1988

    10 of 10
  • Air Jordan 11 "White/Zen Grey"
  • Air Jordan 1 "White/Natural Grey"
  • Air Jordan 12 "Rising Sun"
  • Air Jordan 5
  • Air Jordan 11
  • Air Jordan 3 "White/Cement"

Over the past 30 years, we’ve seen a lot of white Air Jordans. That’s what happens when you (Nike/Jordan Brand) design shoes for a player (Michael Jordan) that plays on a team (Chicago Bulls) with predominantly white home uniforms. Normally, that white is contrasted beautifully by black and red yet every once in a while we’ve seen some all-white (or mostly white) sneakers come in and shut the game down.

I know people who aren’t particularly fond of white shoes. Well-known sneakerhead @_ndp is one of them. For many, black just looks better…probably why cats like Big Sean and Kanye West can’t get enough of it. Even as style trends continuously switch up every year, one thing stays the same: All-white sneakers are generally fighting an uphill battle.

That should change this weekend at Champs Sports when the “Metallic Silver” colorway for the Air Jordan V finally comes back after 15 years in the freezer. Back in 2000, the Air Jordan V was the first Jordan to retro for the new century and one of those releases was this colorway, a shoe that’s now coming at the perfect time. With the spring weather here, this is going to be everywhere in the next few months.

Michael Jordan can make anything look cool and while the majority of his best sneakers ever are not white-based shoes, we’ve seen more than enough to appreciate them. We’ve already highlighted the best white and red Air Jordans. We showed you the greatest “Bred” Air Jordans. Now here are the Best White Air Jordans.

For this one, we tried to stay away from shoes that featured any colors outside of white (obviously) and grey (with maybe a little black thrown in). The Air Jordan IV “White/Cement” barely made the field because of it, but any other shoe — like the “Concord” XI, for instance — that used louder colors or had too much of a focus away from the white had to be discredited.

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HONORABLE MENTION: Air Jordan XI “Concord”
As mentioned above, with the black patent leather playing such a large role in this shoe’s design, I decided to leave it off this list despite the fact that it is basically a white shoe.

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"