Great Franchises That Make Your Squad Look Like Amateurs

  • San Antonio Spurs

    This could be my anti-Lebron rant, but I will keep it focused on the San Antonio Spurs. Like any basketball fan knows the Spurs have won 5 World Championships since 1999. All of these championships have had one thing in common: Tim Duncan, possibly the greatest power forward to play the game of basketball. In an era where NBA stars don’t stay on one team for their entire career, it is amazing to see how loyal the entire Spurs squad has been over the years. The Big Three will all retire as Spurs, playing their entire career with one franchise. Think about that for a second. The three main pieces in five championships will have played their entire career on one team.

    The Spurs also reward their players. Danny Green broke out into an efficient scorer after a couple struggling years with the Cavaliers, so the Spurs rewarded him with a three-year, $12 million contract. This past offseason, I was sure Australian born guard Patty Mills was headed to another team. Tons of potential, championship experience, and major upside. To my surprise, the Spurs kept their backup point guard and gave him a three-year deal. I can talk about Boris Diaw, Tiago Splitter, and Matt Bonner but I think you get the point.

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  • Fenway Park
    Boston Red Sox

    It pains me to put this franchise on this list, but it is absolutely necessary. As a Yankees fan, watching the Red Sox lose is one of the most satisfying things to happen in sports. But, the respect I have for the fans and franchise is very high. The respect level seems to be mutual, which is unique considering the Yankees versus Red Sox rivalry is probably the most storied in all of sports.

    Eighty-six years of pain, all to be healed by three world championships since 2004. Throughout that drought, Red Sox fans stayed loyal to their franchise, continually selling out game after game. The Sox won their championships with grace, passion, and heart.

    The Sox are a franchise that every baseball team should emulate.

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  • Dallas Cowboys

    Money talks. There is a reason why the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable football franchise on North America. The Cowboys have been dubbed “America’s Team” since the ’90s and have won five Super Bowls since joining the league in 1960.

    Jerry Jones, the owner, president, and GM, has done a marvelous job with the team since he took over in 1989. The Cowboys were arguably the most dominate team of the ’90s, winning the Super Bowl in 1992, 1993, and 1995. Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin are all synonymous with the Cowboys and three athletes that are great role models to the youth.

    As an entity, the Dallas Cowboys have taken all the right steps to become profitable and extremely valuable, so good job Jerry.

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  • Real Madrid
    Real Madrid C.F.

    Real Madrid could easily be No. 1 on this list. If you are comparing Real to basically any other soccer team (besides Man U, Man City, Barcelona, etc.) on the planet, the opponent will look like amateurs. Real Madrid makes your squad look like amateurs, point blank.

    It might come to a surprise to some people that Real Madrid is the most valuable sports team in the world. That’s because we don’t appreciate soccer here in America. Around the world, soccer is by far the most popular sport that is played and watched.

    The club team is the real deal. They have won a record 32 La Liga championships and have the most European Cup championships as well. If you are a fan of Real Madrid, you are a fan of a true winning franchise.

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  • Babe Ruth
    New York Yankees

    Anybody need a championship, ‘cause we got plenty? Based off of the number of trophies, the Yanks are the greatest sports franchise in all four major sports. That stat alone makes your team look like a bunch of amateurs.

    If you want to talk legends, the Yankees have your team beat, too. The Yankees have some of the greatest players to ever play the sport. There won’t be a season similar to this past season in a very long time.

    Derek Jeter is everything that the New York Yankees represent. Class, success, and professionalism are all ingredients in making a winning franchise.

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  • Tom Brady
    New England Patriots

    Another team that you love to hate but have to respect. The New England Patriots are another football team that will make your team look like a bunch of gym-class scrubs. All the way from upper management to the practice squad, the Patriots organization is full of class.

    A quick little story about the Patriots. As a graduate of the sport management program at the University of Massachusetts, I was looking for a job in sports. Makes sense, right? An entry level event coordinator position opened up at the Patriots, so I decided to apply for the job. Three rounds of intense PowerPoint-filled interviews later, I was onto the last and final round with the VP of sales. I get into his office, two people sit behind me, and he puts his feet up and says, “Ask me a question.” The entire interview was me feeding him questions, not once did he ask about UMass, real world experience or why I wanted to work for the Patriots. I was shocked.

    The interview reminds me a lot of the Patriots franchise. The team has a Hall of Fame quarterback at helm that seems to be hungrier than ever, a tenured coach that doesn’t smile, and a uniqueness that seems to make them a franchise you want to mimic.

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  • Los Angeles Lakers

    Thirty-one championship appearances with 16 rings. The Lakers have appeared in the championship almost every other year since the BAA became the NBA. That’s crazy.

    Like the Yankees, the Lakers have seen their fair share of Hall of Fame veterans. Kareem, Magic, Elgin, West, Shaq, Kobe, the list goes on and on. The Lakers’ all-time greatest team would put every team, with the exception of the Celtics and Bulls, to shame and make them look like a bunch of amateurs.

    You could argue that recently the Lakers haven’t been the ideal franchise. ESPN recently wrote an article accusing Kobe Bryant of being part of the problem. One of the main points taken away from the article is that stars don’t want to play with Kobe. If David Stern and the NBA allowed the Chris Paul trade to go through, however, this article would never be written and the Kobe versus Jordan debate would be even more heated.

    Throughout history, the Los Angeles Lakers have been the star-studded team that you want to root for. It doesn’t hurt that Magic could run circles around point guards in today’s NBA.

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  • Boston Celtics

    The only team in the NBA with more championships than the Lakers is the Boston Celtics. It pains me to add another Boston team to this list, but I have to. It’s tough to realize just exactly how fierce the rivalry between the Celtics and Lakers was in the ’80s since I didn’t live through it, but from doing my homework and just being a basketball fan it is safe to say the two teams hated each other. Larry Bird hated everyone that wasn’t wearing green and white. Magic Johnson was obsessed with winning. A great combination for a storied rivalry.

    After watching the ESPN special on Larry Bird, it really gave me some insight into just how intense things got during NBA games. The goal of every team in sports is to win, obviously. For some reason it feels like the Celtics take winning to an entirely other level. Just check out the emotion KG felt after winning the ‘ship with his buddies Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi

    My roommate just got the new Xbox One and had to scoop the new Fifa 15. If anyone wants to play, I will beat you. I’m not going to lie, I am not the biggest soccer fan, but I am also not a “the World Cup is happening so I am now a soccer fan” fan. I’m somewhere in-between. If a great matchup is on television, like the Man City vs. Man U game that happened over the weekend, I will watch it.

    So we turned on the Xbox, I am scrolling and deciding which team I should pick to beat my roommate, and stop at Barcelona. Suarez, Neymar, and Messi up top! Are you kidding me? Again, not the biggest fan on the planet but that is a scary offensive core.

    As the second most valuable franchise in the world, Barcelona is a franchise that will put your club team to shame.

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  • Torrey Smith, Ike Taylor
    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Their accomplishments are well-known to every football fan in America. They are staggering: 20 division titles, nearly 30 playoff appearances, eight conference championships, the aforementioned six rings. But what elevates them to an even higher field is how they’ve stayed pretty consistent throughout. Their colors and logo never seem to change, and even when Ben Roethlisberger is breaking records and throwing for all types of touchdowns, the team stays true to its core: hardcore, smash-mouth football. The fans love it.

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  • Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili
  • Fenway Park
  • Emmitt Smith, Alvin Harper
  • Real Madrid
  • Babe Ruth
  • Tom Brady
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi
  • Torrey Smith, Ike Taylor

What is the greatest franchise in the history of sports?

Take a second to absorb that question. There are a lot of factors that make a franchise successful. Are the most successful franchises the ones that have won the most championships? You could argue that.

Read the title of this article again. “Great Franchises That Make Your Squad Look Like Amateurs.” Maturity, class and winning makes an opponent look like an amateur. Successful franchises have strong leaders all the way from the owner to the water boy. The team does things in a professional and proficient manner, with the ultimate goal of winning a championship. They don’t cheat, lie, or steal to get it.

The best franchises over the years all have similar pieces: A handful of superstars, championships, and a boat load of money. If you’re not lucky enough to grow up in a city that boasts a legitimate contender, all of these aspects will help make your favorite franchise look like a bunch of dweebs. That’s because the combination of winning with sportsmanship leads to successful franchises that All-Stars want to play for.

Fans are also a major part of what makes a franchise great. Every team wants their fans to be passionate, excited, and outlandish. Fair-weather fans can make a franchise look like amateurs, too. If you want to be a fan of a sports team, you need to be in it for the long hall. Understand that your team isn’t going to win the championship every year. If you stay enthusiastic, show class, and encourage the team, your franchise will return the favor and do their best to win some shiny trophies.

Need a model to follow? Try the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’ve won a record six Super Bowls and have appeared in more big games than any other franchise in NFL history. Their colors have been adopted as the city’s unofficial swag outfit, and really, it feels like they are super competitive every single year. I really can’t remember a time when the team wasn’t at least decent. Add in an ownership family that’s second to none, some all-time great moments, and a fanbase that’ll put a hurting on you if you wear purple anywhere within the city limits, and you’re looking at one of the greatest sports franchises in the world.

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Including the Steelers, here are 10 Great Franchises That Make Your Squad Look Like Amateurs.

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