Instagram’s Finest: Some of the Best Point Guard Signature Sneakers

I was a Michael Jordan fan growing up. As a 6-1 basketball player, however, I could recognize the appeal of studying and watching the game’s greatest ball-handlers. Penny Hardaway was an exciting player and his sneaker line is still so reverred that many actually consider it superior to Air Jordans. Maybe it was the colors. Maybe it was the design. Maybe it was just the fact that Penny came and went so fast…whatever it was, I think we can all agree that Penny is the blueprint all point guards aspire to when it comes to kicks.

In today’s NBA, players like Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose are all working to get to that level. The most difficult part about making the leap? Undoubtedly, it’s finding a shoe that works on the court during the season and yet is still something people want to wear as a lifestyle piece. If you’re able to craft a silhouette that sneakerheads love showing off on Instagram, you have something special.

From Penny Hardaway to Steve Francis to Stephen Curry, point guards have a history of super dope signature sneakers. Shoot, I remember spending my first real paycheck on signature sneakers from Francis (the Reebok X-Beam) and Rafer Alston (the Skip 2 My Lou And1 signature sneaker). The roots run deep here and in 2015, thankfully, we have ways of seeing how everyone else is rocking ’em. See how the best flaunt on Instagram. These are Some of the Best Point Guard Signature Sneakers.

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