The Best Players in the NBA Who Wear Kobe Bryant’s Sneakers

There’s no greater sign of respect than seeing an opponent wearing your sneakers. For Kobe Bryant, I’m sure it’s a valid trash-talking point, as well. Someone scores on you or has a big game and starts yapping his mouth? All you really have to do is ask him to look at his feet. After that, there’s really nothing else he can say. How do you come back at that? You don’t. You take the L and move on, knowing that you’re talking to a legend with years in this game. There are levels to this.

Kobe Bryant’s sneakers have perennially been a favorite among other NBA players. The newest colorway of the Nike Kobe 9 is releasing this weekend at Champs Sports, where it’ll probably fly under the radar yet again. It’s amazing, really, considering how many stars adore the shoes. Whether it is the low-cut history of the shoe, its breathability and lightweight feel (especially in the Flyknit-outfitted Kobe 9), or the amazing color options that come from the shoe being inspired by the world’s most dangerous animals, players are always balling out in this shoe. So far in the 2014-15 season, it feels like just about every team in the NBA has at least one player routinely rocking these joints.

That popularity should only increase. For the past five or six seasons, Bryant’s sneakers have improved and built upon their foundation every single year, and with the Kobe 10 coming up within the next few months you have to figure Nike is ready to blow the doors off the competition.

With a new colorway set to drop, we are going to let you in on a not-so-subtle secret: LOTS of NBA players wear Kobes…besides No. 24 obviously. Here are The Best Players in the NBA Who Wear Kobe Bryant’s Sneakers.

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DeMar DeRozan
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Nick Young
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Manu Ginobili
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Dion Waiters
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Jordan Hill
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J.R. Smith
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Andre Iguodala
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Zach LaVine
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