The 6 Best Outdoor Basketball Sneakers You Can Buy Right Now

Growing up, the summer pickup runs that I had at my local parks were always one of the highlights of my school vacations. Yeah, playing during the season was great, and the YMCA runs during the preseason and postseason sessions were beyond epic, with cats coming from all over looking like they had something to prove. But during the summer? It never got better than hitting the streets and concrete.

Part of that feeling, I must admit, stems from the AND1 Mixtape revolution. At the time that I was coming up, there was nothing bigger in basketball. Young cats in today’s world probably won’t ever understand the unfluence that style of basketball had on everyone. When the summer hit, you weren’t just trying to be Kobe or J-Will. You were trying to be Skip and Hot Sauce.

The one constant over all these years, though, has been the kicks. You always need to stay fresh and can’t be using the same shoes on the streets that you use in the gym. I used to cop two or three shoes a summer just knowing that they’d probably never see an actual hardwood. This year, thankfully, there are plenty of options available for every aspiring hooper. It’s just about picking out which ones fit your game the best.

From the Nike LeBron 12 Low to the Nike Hyperchase, you can’t hit the courts for some solid pickup runs this summer looking like a fool. Step up your kick game. These are the 6 Best Outdoor Basketball Sneakers You Can Buy Right Now.

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image via @NikeBasketball