The Best of the Nike LeBron 13 on Instagram

The signature sneaker line for LeBron James has a long and storied history not just because it has always been a high-quality performance sneaker, often sporting some of Nike‘s very best tech, but also because it is that rare basketball sneaker that can crossover as a lifestyle piece.

The LeBron 13 is no different, despite sporting a bulky, loud look in direct contrast to just about everything that is popular in the streets in 2015. This Saturday we’ll see the release of the “Akronite” LeBron 13 colorway at Champs Sports, which celebrates James and his hometown roots in Ohio. Wild colorways are always a big part of every ‘Bron release and it’s obvious at this point–especially after the “Horror Flick” joints–that this year’s signature will be no different.

LeBron’s player exclusives always kill it on the court, but his fans are just as creative off of it, often stylizing the King’s sneakers in innovative ways. Whereas Stephen Curry‘s shoe is currently the fastest riser in the game, Cleveland’s ace is still by far the most popular sneaker pitchman in the league. From the launch colorway to the “Horror Flick” to the Christmas release that James wore on the floor to start the NBA season, the Swoosh is straight killing it.

Everyone knows how the Nike LeBron 13 performs on the court. It’s a top-notch performance sneaker. But don’t overlook what it can do for your Instagram. Don’t overlook the crossover appeal. To help you understand, here’s the Best of the Nike LeBron 13 on Instagram.

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