The Best Nike Air Max Sneakers Currently at Champs Sports

Nike‘s Air Max technology has legions of loyal followers, but sneakerheads should understand it might be bigger than ever now. Why? Well, first, because today is Air Max Day, a celebration of the day 28 years ago where we got our first glance at the famed shoe tech through Visible Air. But secondly because every season American style and fashion molds and folds more and more into European fashion…and Europeans loves them some Air Maxes.

This tech is closing in on its 30th birthday after debuting behind the genius of Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker in 1987. The Air Max 1 was the first sneaker to feature the radical new design, giving fans and buyers the chance to see inside the silhouette. But the first hints of that actually started nearly 10 years before when aerospace engineer Frank Rudy gave Phil Knight a pair of running shoes featuring a prototype Air-Sole unit. From there, the seeds were planted for Tinker.

“If we actually cut away some of the midsole and expose the airbag so you could see it,” Hatfield once described his thinking, “then people will understand it.”

Right now, if you aren’t copping some Air Max joints for your collection, then something’s wrong with you. And today is the perfect day to do that since we’re all inspired by this little national sneaker holiday. Champs Sports has you covered too, with just about every Air Max shoe you could possibly be interested in. Here are the Best Nike Air Max Sneakers Currently at Champs Sports.

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image via Nike Sportswear