Instagram’s Best #MyGameMondays Sneaker Pictures of the Month

  • Nike Foamposite Penny Hardaway
  • Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23
  • Air Jordan 3
  • Air Jordan 1 SVSM
  • Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux
  • Air Jordan 13

Instagram is the best place in the world to style with your sneakers. If you consider yourself a real sneakerhead in 2015, you better be killing it on IG. That’s where you develop a fanbase, develop a voice, develop a style that people can come to know and expect from you. Just check out this year’s NBA Draft class for some confirmation. These dudes are going super hard–players like Stanley Johnson and Kelly Oubre Jr. are among the new breed of style icons that know the value of a lit account on the ‘gram.

That thinking extends all the way to the best athletes in the world. LeBron James regularly uses Instagram as a means to show off and promote his latest signature products with Nike. This is a science. It’s not just about posting pictures with cool backgrounds that aren’t blurry. You have to know the lighting and the angles. You have to have great cameras, too.

Every month here at The Drop, we highlight the best that IG has to offer when it comes to the Champs Sports hashtag #MyGameMondays. Over the last year, we’ve seen some serious heat and just last month, we highlighted everything from the new “Pro Stars” Air Jordan V to old school Jordans that haven’t yet been retroed to even Stephen Curry‘s newest signature sneaker model, the Under Armour Curry One. Now this month, we’re doing the same, giving you a breakdown of what doing it for the ‘gram truly means.

These are Instagram’s Best #MyGameMondays Sneaker Pictures of the Month.

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image via @jumpman23