The Best #MyGameMondays Instagram Sneaker Pictures of the Month

Whether you want to admit it or not, the popularity of Instagram changed sneaker culture forever. Finally, we had an outlet to showcase our creativity and aesthetic to more than just our friends, family, and those we meet in the streets. We had a place our collection could live, permanently, and a community where we could share our passion with other “afflicted” people.

And as central as the whole “pack” mentality is to sneakers–think about the hype certain shoes generate among the community–the ‘gram also represented a chance to be different. You could wear anything…and somewhere out there would be fans of that shoe, no matter the brand or makeup or style.

Jordan Rogers, shoe lover and Instagram connoisseur, once wrote, At heart, sneakerheads share one thing in common: A desire to be different. Most of us feel the same pain in our hearts and souls if you walk into a room wearing the same shoes as someone else. I’ve been known to turn around and change if I find out someone else is wearing the same kicks. Ever texted your buddy to make sure he’s not rocking what you’re rocking? If so, you might be a sneakerhead.

He’s right.

We’re all looking to show out, and all of us want to do it on our terms. Showcasing that is the main reason why Instagram has been so important.

As we do every month, we’re showing love to the hottest sneaker pics that use the Champs Sports hashtag #MyGameMondays. From Kobe Xs to LeBron Xs to a bunch of Jordan retros, we saw some good ones this month.

These are the Best #MyGameMondays Instagram Sneaker Pictures of the Month. Study up.

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image via @theinfader