The Best Kicks to Get Your Girl From Champs Sports This Holiday Season

  • Nike Free 5.0
    Nike Free 5.0

    This shoe has dropped in so many different colorways that I have to think your girl would be interested in AT LEAST three or four of them. With a mesh upper that features Dynamic Flywire, these are both breathable and supportive, offering a dose of both casual and training possibilities. The inner bootie only adds onto those characteristics, making this one of the top women’s shoes of the holiday season.

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  • adidas Flux
    adidas Flux

    The Flux might be the best sneaker released all year. From its simplified upper to its customization, the shoe has top-notch versatility and can go with basically anything. At Champs Sports, there are enough colorways to find the one that suits your girl.

    You don’t want to skip out on this release. Every day that I’m out walking around in New York City, I spot at least two or three chicks rocking this amazing silhouette.

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  • Nike Air Max Thea
    Nike Air Max Thea

    The Nike Air Max family has been doing work for nearly 30 years. From the Air Max I to the AM90 to this year’s 2015 version, to even basketball sneakers, they almost never fail to disappoint. The Air Max Thea is another winner in that long legacy, a shoe specifically designed for women with a minimalist upper, a Phylon midsole, and plush cushioning.

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  • Nike Air Max 2015
    Nike Air Max 2015

    With all of those holiday parties, I’m sure you and your girl will be hitting the gym every once in a while. Right? If so, make sure she’s laced and showing out. The Nike Air Max 2015 is a perfect start — especially in this colorway — considering all of the improvements the shoe made this year to standout.

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  • Timberland boots
    Timberland boots

    It’s not every day that you’ll catch women rocking Timbs. But those that do make them look so good. With the winter officially here, and more and more snow coming, help your girl stay warm with a pair of some traditional classics. Available in black, grey or tan, these women’s boots will help her stay fresh and dry. You can’t go wrong.

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  • Nike Free 5.0
  • adidas Flux
  • Nike Air Max Thea
  • Nike Air Max 2015
  • Timberland boots

From Black Friday through the end of the calendar year, the temptations are always there for sneakerheads. With so many incredible shoes releasing, we can all lose track of the big picture and spend all of our money on ourselves. However, that’s not what the holiday season is about. Besides getting your hands on releases like the “Infrared” Air Jordan VI and the Nike Air Max 2015, you need to leave some room in the budget to hook your girl up. In 2014, it’s not only cool to be a female sneakerhead, but many of them are actually lapping the boys. Some of them have some pretty serious collections.

With everyone hitting the streets to do some shopping while looking for the best deals, we’re here to help you out. These are The Best Kicks to Get Your Girl From Champs Sports This Holiday Season, featuring four different shoes (and one boot) that every guy should be thinking about copping for his significant other. It’s the holidays, which means you’ll be doing a lot of different things. Sometimes you’ll need to dress up and hit a party or a family get-together. Other times you’ll be heading to the gym to try to work off the cake and cookies and chocolate and brownies that you simply can’t stop eating. A few of these sneakers — like the Nike Free 5.0 and the Air Max 2015 — will keep you from getting fat this December. Others — like the adidas Flux — will simply keep you looking fresh.

No matter your style, these kicks should be on everyone’s radar this year.

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