Ranking the Best Air Jordan XX9 Colorways So Far

  • Air Jordan XX9
    10. "Legend Blue"

    Not the best Legend Blue colorway of the 2014 holiday season — that was an impossible task — but it’ll do.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
    9. "All-Star Game"

    Just a super clean look for the NBA’s midseason classic.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
    8. "Year of the Goat"

    JB always does the Chinese New Year right and this edition of the XX9 somehow stays sophisticated enough to warrant the myriad of water graphics.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
    7. "Infrared"

    All-red sneakers, I can mess with. Everyone needs to be loud in 2015.

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  • 6. "Pearl"

    As part of the “Pearl” collection from February, these’ll stand the test of time…unless you’re planning on hooping on the playgrounds.

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  • 5. "White/Black"

    Elephant print across the tongue and inner lining? That alone makes this colorway one of the hardest yet.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
    4. "Black History Month"

    Perhaps the most intricate XX9 design so far, and I can dig it.

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  • Air Jordan XX9
    3. "Pantone"

    Carolina colors are always a win, even if this pair came as part of a pack that would’ve broke your bank during the holiday season.

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  • Air Jordan XX9

    Jordan Brand

    2. "Blackout"

    Because black sneakers >

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  • Air Jordan XX9

    Jordan Brand

    1. "Riverwalk"

    A XX9 that mixes pink, teal, and purple tones? It doesn’t even matter that this joint was partly inspired by the Spurs — this is too dope.

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  • Air Jordan XX9 "Legend Blue"
  • Air Jordan XX9 "All-Star Game"
  • Air Jordan XX9 "Year of the Goat"
  • Air Jordan XX9 "Infrared"
  • Air Jordan XX9 "BHM"
  • Air Jordan XX9 "Pantone"
  • Air Jordan XX9 "Blackout"
  • Air Jordan XX9 "Riverwalk"

If you’ve never played basketball in this shoe, you’re missing out. Get on top of that as soon as possible.

The Air Jordan XX9 is one of the best performance sneakers I’ve ever seen. It’s super light and yet still offers support that seems to converge around your feet the more often you play, as the Flight Web spiders around the mid-foot to lock you in for as long as you need to be. Everyone knows about the upper, which is a one-piece performance Woven, the very first of its kind. But did you know about the improved FlightPlate? Or the added tendril connecting the heel and forefoot? This is the lightest Air Jordan ever made, but don’t let that fool you either: Ballplayers are secure in the XX9.

I remember the first time I played in the XX8. It was during NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston in February of 2013. I immediately fell in love. I literally felt like I was floating, like I was standing above the floor. Well, the XX9 took that to yet another level, helped in part by the aforementioned FlightPlate, which has been improved to help with energy return and second jumps. Combine all of that with some super dope colorways — as the XX9 has done — and you have a hit.

This weekend at Champs Sports, we’ll see yet another colorway of the instant classic drop. Sporting a Sonic Green/Black/Green makeup, this “Green Spark” pair will surely be one of the highlights of the spring season and it couldn’t have come at a better time with the NBA Playoffs about to start.

Cop now to turn your offseason workouts up to the next level, as this version will surely end up making this list. Today, we’re Ranking the Best Air Jordan XX9 Colorways So Far.

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