Baseball Sneakerheads Who Will Come With the Heat This Season

  • Jeremy Guthrie

    Guthrie is a bit of an “old head” in sneaker circles, and you can see the wisdom he’s built up in his crazy kick collection. He’s such a legend in the shoe community that he was part of a documentary that premiered at South by Southwest just a few weeks ago.

    Adding to the legend that is his collection, Guthrie announced his “retirement” from the sneaker game in a faux press conference this winter, parodying the legend His Airness himself in doing so. Don’t get it twisted – Guthrie simply has too many sneakers and too much passion for the game to step away completely. Expect to see some rare pieces of the collection now that he’s through with amassing more – maybe even the illustrious Nike Air Mag?

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  • Nike Lunar Vapor Trout


    Mike Trout

    The Angels phenom doesn’t typically make the shortlist for sneaker aficionados, but there’s a reason why you should keep an eye on Trout’s footwear this season – he’s one of the few MLB players in recent history to get his own shoe from Nike.

    When the Nike Lunar Vapor Trout was announced last summer, it marked the first player since Ken Griffey Jr. that the Swoosh outlet had deemed worthy of a signature shoe. With that hefty designation – no pressure, Mike! – Nike will be sure to bless Trout with some sick PEs to help push their star player. An assumed appearance in the All-Star Game will give the sneaker giants an opportunity to shoot for a bold midsummer colorway – like last season’s trout-colored edition.

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  • Jimmy Rollins

    Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

    Jimmy Rollins

    The former Philadelphian rocked some classic looks with the Phillies, and there’s no reason to believe that trend will stop now that he’s back on the West Coast. If anything, returning home might amplify the flash in Jimmy’s personality, and that Dodger blue will allow him to spin old looks in new ways.

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  • Shane Victorino


    Shane Victorino

    You have to have flair to go by the moniker “The Flyin’ Hawaiian,” so it’s no surprise that Shane Victorino has a visible passion for flashy shoes.

    Take one look at his Instagram and you’ll see Shane’s affinity for sneakers shine through on and off the field. Whether he’s blending into spring training turf with some cool camo, or ensuring that a new generation of Victorinos has the same passion as their dad, Shane is a sneakerhead through and through. If he’s already passing on the culture to his children, you can bet he’ll bring it to a stadium near you.

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  • CC Sabathia Air Jordan sneakers collection


    CC Sabathia

    The Yankees aren’t known for their expressions of individuality – hence the blanket “no facial hair” rule – but several players, including Sabathia, have found a way to show out.

    Sabathia’s history with the Jordan line is long and illustrious, with the Air Jordan 11 seemingly a personal favorite. He’s worn Concords and Space Jams on the mound – taking shoes onto the mound many of us would be afraid to get near a speck of dirt. Keep doing your thing, CC.

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  • Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    Carl Crawford

    There’s a special place in my heart for guys who break the rules to make a sneaker statement. Crawford couldn’t decide if he wanted to wear blue or white cleats on Jackie Robinson day a couple years ago, so he decided to have his cake and eat it too. MLB frowned upon the choice, but the Team Jordan member asserted his place on the watch list.

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  • Brian Wilson


    Brian Wilson

    Consider the man with the famous beard an Honorable Mention on this list. While it may have been just a case of Wilson being Wilson, he is the man who wore Nike MAGs to a game – a feat so audacious you almost have to question his mental state.

    While most would be content to leave those bad boys under lock and key, Wilson wore his in public like a boss. What he lacks in consistency, he makes up for in bravery.

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  • Jeremy Guthrie
  • Nike Lunar Vapor Trout
  • Jimmy Rollins
  • Shane Victorino
  • CC Sabathia Air Jordan sneakers collection
  • Brian Wilson

When you hear the word “sneakerhead,” the sport the average person will think of is basketball. It’s hard not to; sneaker culture was amplified to another level by sneaker-hawking hoopsters, thanks to Magic and Bird’s dueling Weapons, Michael Jordan’s iconic empire, and a countless stream of ballers since. We obsess over LeBron’s signature sneakers and clamor for more signatures from youngsters for good reason.

But who says other athletes can’t be sneakerheads? Rocking a nice pair of shoes is about looking good and feeling good, and that’s something any athlete can get behind. On or off the field, stepping into a clean pair of kicks is quite a unique feeling, and with the access to merchandise top-level players get, the sky is the limit for what they’ll have on-feet.

Major League Baseball doesn’t always make it easy for their athletes to show their love for the sneaker world – their on-field policies can be a tad strict – but that makes the expression from baseball players all the more noticeable. It’s a select group of guys, a small sect of the population that chooses to stand out from their peers, strutting like peacocks with their feathers up.

Saluting the sneaker-inclined among us is right in our wheelhouse at Champs Sports, and we want to make sure we step outside the usual basketball box to do so. Baseball players may not get as much credit for their shoe game, but don’t let that fool you – there are sneakerheads littered throughout the sport.

These are the guys whose footwear you should be keeping an eye on during the 2015 season. They are the Baseball Sneakerheads Who Will Come With the Heat This Season.

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