Back to School Sportswear Trends to Watch for This Fall

“Back to school” are the most hated words for everyone on summer break. It usually signals the end of vacation, which means no more staying up all night playing video games 24/7, sneaking into people’s pools, or random trips to the beach. The amount of money you will spend on school supplies is more than the exclusive Jordan colorway you’ve been searching 10 years for. And thinking about losing your chance on buying a holy grail for your collection is hurting you right in the feels.

On the bright side this is a time to cop all the latest fashions. First impressions are very important and you don’t want to look washed on your first day. If you’re lucky or you maintained a crazy GPA last semester, your parents might even just pay for the whole thing.

Filtering out what’s hot is getting tougher these days thanks to all the new products and brands coming out at a rapid pace, but here at Champs Sports we’ve always got you covered. We did all your homework for you and broke down this fall’s hottest trends. We’ve predicted some of these items to trend this year, so if you’ve slept on them before, this is your chance to redeem yourself. So get a head start on next season’s trends because we’ve made a cheat sheet for you to review that covers everything that should be stocked in your closet this fall. Here are the Back to School Sportswear Trends to Watch for This Fall.

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There is a stream of new age running shoes flooding the market, but the shoes making noise right now are classics runners that are being retroed. From the Air Max line to Nike Huaraches, retro running shoes are coming back in a big way. While we do love our Flyknits and Roshes for their futuristic materials, nothing really beats some OG kicks. Ask anyone in streetwear to high fashion and they will tell you these are some of their favorite and most comfortable shoes, especially when they’re pounding the pavement all day during Fashion Weeks around the world.

Nike Air Max 95 OG – $169.99
Nike Air Max 95 OG

Vintage graphic tees are having a moment right now. Maybe it’s the nostalgia attached to it or it could possibly be the exclusivity of having something that’s not in production anymore. But whatever it is, they’re easy to wear and always a conversation starter. However, thrifting for these gems is an art form that can take hours of research and energy. Thankfully brands like Jordan are recycling graphics from the good old days and printing them on new tees. It may not have the musk of an old, used tee, but you will still get the “I remember those” reactions.

Air Jordan VII “Hare” Poster T-shirt – $34.99
Air Jordan 7 Hare Poster Shirt

A hoody is the usual go-to top grab from your closet when it get’s a little breezy. But instead of going that route this fall, choose a crewneck sweater instead. There are many advantages to losing the hood. For one it’s not cumbersome, and the silhouette of your outfit becomes more streamlined. Second, it has a little dressier look to it. Also, it’s a versatile piece that can be layered with a blazer or a light jacket on top, which we’ve seen done on many of the runway shows this season.

Nike Graphic Crew Sweater – $39.99
Nike Graphic Crewneck Sweater

From Biggie to Drake, hip-hop artists have a long history of rocking hockey jerseys. But for some reason they’ve never become as popular as other sports jerseys rappers have co-signed. That’s a good thing because while everyone is rocking those other sports uniforms, wearing one of these will help you stand out. Brands have made sportswear-inspired versions with fictional teams, but why not get the official ones and let your team colors fly.

Reebok NHL Premier Edge Jersey – $134.99
Reebok NHL Premier Edge Jersey

For a while now the trend with sweatpants–or any pants for that matter–has been a fitting, tight look. While there is nothing wrong with that, a new crop of generously cut trousers, including sweatpants, have come out to give your legs a little more room to breathe. They are tailored just right so they stand out from your regular sweats that expand into weird shapes down the leg. So if you want to give cuffed pants a rest, these bad boys will give a bit more mobility and add style that your lazy Sunday sweats could never achieve.

Nike Elite Stripe Pants – $69.99
Nike Elite Stripe Pants

One of the big hits this year has been the classic bomber jacket and it’s still going strong. If you like military clothes, then this classic jacket looks familiar, but you might recognize it as popular sports teams use as a canvas for their logos and team colors. Choices range from patched out pieces to low-key neutral colors that go with any outfit. This timeless design will most likely outlast other trends and stay in your rotation for a long time.

Jordan WB Marvin Bomber Jacket – $274.99
Jordan WB Marvin Bomber Jacket

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