8 Autumn-Colored Shoes That You Need Right Now

Hopefully, you’re ready for the fall weather to come. It’s time to put away the white kicks, time to put away many of your favorite low-tops. Each season of the year brings different strengths and weaknesses, and that’s never more apparent than during Back to School season when everything from the weather to the trends change.

Though we can talk all day about what trends are popping off right now and which ones you need to watch as the school year gets underway, sometimes it just comes down to how you look and feel in a particular shoe. Celebrating the autumn, with its array of oranges, browns, and yellows, can be fun as long as you aren’t going overboard. That’s a fine line to balance.

From old reliables like tan Timberlands to other options that’ll have you stunting on the competition, get into the Back to School spirit with these kicks. Here are 8 Autumn-Colored Shoes That You Need Right Now.

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An old reliable that’ll never go away, every sneakerhead should have at least a few pairs of Timbs in their closest. I don’t break mine out the way I used to–back when I wore them every day in high school–but they are surely essentials. They’re hitting as hard now as they ever have and offer a fine alternatively on those days when you want to stand a little taller, figuratively and literally.
Timberland 6-Inch Boots

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One of the best silhouettes in a long time from the Three-Stripes, the shoe is coming correct this season with the Tubular X. However, before you jump ahead, cop some of the older models for a little less cheddar. This one is a perfect balance between sophistication and versatility. I won’t say the mustard colorway is my favorite for the Tubular but that’s like trying to grade Nas‘ albums. In the end, they’re all banging.
adidas Tubular Runner

Buy Now: $59.99

A classic no matter what time of year, Uptowns are almost impossible to screw up. At this point in the year, I normally go for the Mids and, thankfully, there are colorways available right now that can play it smooth with jeans.
Nike Air Force 1 Mid

Buy Now: $49.49

A brown pair of Chucks isn’t exactly classic like the red, blue, and black joints are, but as more and more cats attempt to win over the lifestyle crowd by making old silhouettes their own, the Chuck Taylor stands out. While it looks better after being muddied and dirtied up, everyone will always understand exactly what you’re rocking.
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi

Buy Now: $79.99

Derived from the iconic ZX 8000 family that began in 1989, the Flux was adidas’ answer to Nike’s Roshe Run. The two have since been married at the hip and have both come to be defining sneakers for the culture over the last few years. The Flux is super comfortable and available in just about every sneaker design known to man. Of course, there had to be at least one autumn-colored release.
adidas ZX Flux

Buy Now: $79.99

Eventually, you had to figure the Jordan Brand would find its way into the lifestyle conversation. Yeah, Air Jordans on their own are iconic lifestyle shoes that basically started this entire culture–without Jordans would this blog even exist?–but as it is most of them are silhouettes meant for performance. JB, to connect with their audience in the same way that adidas did with the Tubular and Flux and Nike with the Roshe Run, came correct with the Future. Just a smooth shoe.
Jordan Future

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Because of its popularity among stylish celebrities like Pharrell and adidas’ push to update the longtime classic through collaborations with stars, the Stan Smith is probably more popular than it’s ever been, at least within the past two or three decades. Almost every pro athlete I talk to mentions this sneaker as one of their current favorites. Make it yours.
adidas Stan Smith

Buy Now: $119.99

Amazingly, this shoe is somewhat of a forgotten silhouette in the annuals of Air Max history, despite the fact that over 100 colorways have released through the years. First introduced in 1998, the Air Max Plus helped launch the Tuned Air System technology and arrived in a couple of super bold colorways.
Nike Air Max Plus

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