The Art of Court Vision: LeBron James and His Craziest Passes Ever

  • 10. LeBron Love

    The conversation between Kobe and LeBron at the beginning of this clip is the icing on the cake. The very next Cavaliers possession after this infamous chat, LeBron throws a filthy no-look chest pass through the paint to teammate Kevin Love. Sorry Kobe, you can try this next season.

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  • 9. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

    Once Dwyane Wade retires and gets the proper recognition as being one of the best two-guards in NBA history, people will realize the significance of this 1-2 punch. Besides MJ and Pippen, these two could go down as the best shooting guard/small forward pairing of all time.

    It’s not easy to throw a perfect pass in between four defenders like LeBron did, especially against one of the best defenses in the league at the time.

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  • 8. Court Vision

    Pretty. No other word to describe that pass. Making your teammates better. That is what LeBron James is very good at. Passes like this one to big man Anderson Varejao are the reason ‘Bron is getting a sneaker dedicated to his court vision.

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  • 7. Hop, Step, And A Jump

    I keep replaying this one. LeBron takes a dribble, jumps in the air, does some sort of “look at me I’m flying” pose and delivers a beautiful pass to his buddy Varejao. This is a one-of-a-kind pass from a one-of-a-kind basketball player. I can watch this one on loop all day.

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  • 6. Only Fair

    Filthy. That’s the way I would describe this pass. Ray Allen made the layup and got the and-1 before Jimmy Butler even turned around. It’s only fair that LeBron threw such a nice pass to Ray Ray. After all, he owes him for hitting a pretty important shot in Game 6 against the Spurs in the 2013 NBA Finals.

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  • 5. Half-Court(er)

    This alley-oop pass should probably be higher on this list. Throwing a spot-on alley-oop pass beyond midcourt is not an easy task, I don’t care if you are throwing the lob to LeBron James. The on-point pass to Tristan Thompson is one of the best passes of LeBron’s career.

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  • 4. Full-Court(er)

    Let me hold my tongue real quick and top the last pass with an even longer and nicer assist. Steal the ball, take two dribbles, and then throw a perfect 90-foot pass to a speeding Dwyane Wade. I’m almost in shock over how easy LeBron made the pass look. Brady to Moss-esque.

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  • 3. Eyes In The Back Of His Head

    Besides the blatant travel, this is an awesome play from LeBron. He deflects the pass, runs for the loose ball, and then throws the ball, behind his head, to teammate Erick Dampier, who is standing under the hoop for an uncontested dunk. His presence of mind during this entire play is incredible. What is Erick Dampier up to these days, by the way?

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  • 2. NBA 2K

    This is straight out of a video game. The real 2K players know what I am talking about. Hit ‘em with the through-the-legs, behind-the-back dribble to lose the defender and then find a streaking Wade for the emphatic dunk. RIP Jrue Holiday’s ankles.

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  • 1. How?

    It’s only right that two of LeBron’s three best passes happened against the New York Knicks. He seems to always elevate his game when he is playing against ‘Melo and in front of Spike Lee. ‘Bron made this pass look EASY. The difficulty of this pass is a 10 of 10 seven days a week. It certainly helps to be able to fly.

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Whether you like him or not, LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet. I could go on and list his accolades but you’ve probably heard them all before. Not many players have reached the NBA Finals four years in a row. Make fun of LeBron for only winning 50 percent of those and see if he cares. I personally believe it will be five straight once June rolls around and the Finals begin. It’s hard to imagine any team in the East beating the Cavaliers in a seven-game series. The Hawks and Wizards have no shot and the Bulls seem lost right now.

LBJ is a freakish athlete. He can pull up and hit the three like a shooting guard, has the ability to guard anyone on the court, and passes with precision like a true point guard. Tomorrow, Champs Sports will be releasing a new Nike LeBron 12 sneaker, dubbed “Court Vision” and dedicated to the brilliant dimes ‘Bron has dished out during his career.

Between his skill level and athleticism, James is a relatively unstoppable combination. LeBron has been faulted for being too unselfish at times throughout his tenure in the NBA. At points, deservingly so. As a point guard myself, 10 of 10 times I would rather make a great pass over a nice basket. LeBron feels the same way and that is not a bad thing.

Scroll through my list of King James’ 10 best career passes in the NBA and be sure to scoop the new sneaker tomorrow.

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