April’s Best #MyGameMondays Instagram Sneaker Pictures

  • Nike Kobe 9 Low
  • Air Jordan 11 Low Georgetown
  • Air Jordan 13 Playoffs
  • MyGameMondays
  • adidas Flux
  • Air Jordan 4 Tour Yellow
  • Air Jordan 6 Carmine
  • Air Jordan 1 bred banned

To get noticed on Instagram for your sneaker collection, you don’t need to be the second coming of @the_perfect_pair or have a ton of money or have rare sneakers that everyone thirsts over. All of that stuff is great and if you do have those, then here you go. Have our follow. But it’s often all about presentation and passion. If people see that you take quality photos and can actually feel how much you love the game and love your sneaker collection, then they’ll show that love right back.

Take my guy @eqkicks. A college roommate, I introduced him to the ‘gram just a year or two ago. Now? He has a lot more followers than I do–I mean A LOT more–and is rapidly approaching 10,000. He posts multiple times a day and very rarely do any of them have nothing to do with kicks. He’s consistent. He loves the game. And his legions of followers love him for it.

Each month on The Drop, we dive into the #MyGameMondays hashtag on Instagram looking for the best kicks and illest looks. It’s a hashtag that Champs Sports helped define and each week on their own IG, they pick out four winners to spotlight. We did the same thing here. No requirements necessary…outside of ridiculously good sneaker shots.

From Kobes to Jordans to adidas, April has been all about swagging and doing it for Instagram. We picked out some of the very best pictures to showcase. Here are April’s Best #MyGameMondays Instagram Sneaker Pictures.

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image via Jordan Brand