Update: All-White adidas NMD Now Releasing Saturday

Seeing is believing. We all knew the hype around the March releases for the adidas NMD. But it was still interesting to see how quickly every colorway that released last week flew off the shelves.

It’s one thing to have hype behind the Yeezys or Ultra Boosts. But the NMD is different, or at least it was probably supposed to be. (And I’m not talking about the “lifestyle” concept, either.) Most likely, it’s proof that adidas Originals has earned more than just the ear of the streets; they’re now enjoying the benefits that come from being associated often enough with what’s “cool.”

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The 3-Stripes–specifically Nic Galway, the VP of Global Design for adidas Originals–has strung together so many consecutive extra bases hits that sneakerheads have come to expect greatness. They crave it. While the Yeezy line represents the pinnacle of the sneaker game, something for the elite, and the Ultra Boost is a cherished item for those in the know, the NMD seems poised to represent the everyman. It’s a shoe that borders multiple lines, in that it’s both cool and available…which is something that’s harder to achieve than you might imagine.

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This month’s drop, which featured four different colorways at Champs Sports, smoked so swiftly that now the powers that be are giving us an extra dose. This all-white NMD edition, a colorway we thought we’d have to wait for, has come to retail much sooner than anticipated.

This Saturday at Champs Sports will see the release of the all-white adidas NMD, a shoe that has become one of the most talked-about silhouettes to release in 2016. If you missed out on the last drop of colorways, this is another shot.

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The adidas NMD is one of the hottest sneakers in the game right now. Because of that, we’re seeing the release of the all-white colorway just a little bit early.

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