Step Out Wearing Only Red With the PUMA Roma Weave and Trinomic Swift

Over the last few years, the color red has been all over the place. PUMA is taking advantage by dropping two of its most famous sneaker silhouettes in new all-red colorways. Released at Champs Sports is the Roma Weave, an updated look on a classic shoe, and the Trinomic Swift, which meshes a revolutionary sneaker tech from the 1990s with a look and shape that should connect with the modern audience.

PUMA has been having a great year throughout 2015. Their stock is rising thanks to partnerships with Rihanna and new apparel lines with star athletes like Usain Bolt, and they also released a killer collection this summer that was topped off by a dope 4th of July pack. With sneakerheads moving toward sleek lifestyle products that can transition easily within different settings and even outfits, this is a perfect opportunity for PUMA to jump back into the limelight between shoes like these and the Trinomic Blaze Tech, as well as the classic Suede.

The Roma has been around since 1968, when it stared off as a performance shoe for track and field athletes. Now? It’s considered a classy, lifestyle shoe that you can even wear out to dinner. The Trinomic Swift is along the same vein, featuring a minimal mesh upper with crisp design lines.

Since stepping out and away to create its own brand way back in 1943–renamed five years later–PUMA has been involved in many of the world’s most important sporting events. While this current collection won’t ever confuse anyone into thinking it’s revolutionary, it’s a fly change of pace for a couple of lifestyle shoes that should be on everyone’s wish list for Back to School.

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PUMA Trinomic Swift

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