Someone Else’s Treasure: 5 Reasons Why You Keep Overlooking the Air Jordan 10

  • Air Jordan XI
    MJ ditched them early

    Jordan played a total of 21 NBA games in the X, using them in the final 17 regular season games as well as the first round of the playoffs against the Hornets. Then he saw an early sample of the Concord Jordan XI and the rest was history. Despite being fined for another uniform violation — where have you heard that one before? — Jordan busted the XI out for Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals. The world was never the same again. It also made some folks forget about the X rather quickly.

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  • Air Jordan 10
    MJ didn't originally sign off on them

    Because he was away trying to hit curveballs, Jordan wasn’t around to take a look and sign off on the official design for the Jordan X. Then once he came back, with the sneaker already out, he made Tinker Hatfield and the team aware of one particular thing that needed changing: the toe cap.

    Jordan hated it and after it released on the original “Steel Grey” colorway, he asked that it be removed. He was right; the shoe looks a lot better without it.

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  • This was a shoe with no important playoff moments

    Think about this: When Michael Jordan retired, officially, finally, for the last time, in 2003, he had not lost a playoff series since the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals…at least if you overlook the year he returned from baseball. (Yeah we’re cheating a little bit because Washington didn’t even MAKE the playoffs during his two years there. But play along.)

    However, in 1995 series against the Magic and Hornets, Mike and the Bulls got bounced in the second round. Jordan lost while wearing the X in round one and the XI in round two.

    Look at his best sneakers. They all had memorable playoff moments. Just to name a few: The Air Jordan I had the 63-pointer in Boston. The Air Jordan III had back-to-back 50-point games against Cleveland. The IV had the Shot. The XI had a title on Father’s Day. The XII had the Flu Game. The XIV had the Last Shot. I could go on and on.

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  • Air Jordan 10
    No iconic colorways

    Some will argue for the Chicago or Seattle colorways from the well-received City Pack are iconic silhouettes, and then others will say the Shadow joints that he wore at times during the opening round of the playoffs. All of them are great sneakers, fantastic shoes that’ll get eaten up whenever they do release. But compared with the rest of his catalogue, it’s hard to say they have the same sentimental value, considering many of them didn’t see much time on the court and even the ones that did were worn by players like Nick Anderson and Kendall Gill.

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  • Air Jordan 10
    No revolutionary design aspects

    Whereas many of Tinker’s creations at Nike spurned changes in the industry (like the III and the XI), and still others were so drastic that people couldn’t help but talk about them (see the last two Air Jordans), the X was somewhat stationary. For a regular Nike shoe, this would’ve been dope. But MJ normally gets something a little crazier. As far as popular design aspects, the accomplishments written on the outsole are probably the Jordan X’s most noteworthy achievement.

    Some early samples did have “45” stitched onto them, which was also cool for the sake of collectors.

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  • Air Jordan XI
  • Air Jordan 10 "Steel" toe cap
  • Air Jordan 10 "Stealth" sneaker
  • Air Jordan 10

Did Michael Jordan ever have a regular season moment more awe-inspiring than the infamous “Double-Nickel” game against New York in 1995? Don’t think so. After a year and a half away from the NBA, Jordan had returned to the Bulls on March 19 for a game against Indiana; the return to Madison Square Garden was just his fifth game back. But as someone who routinely stepped up in big moments and loved to play in front of packed crowds, it was obvious what would happen. As then-New York coach Pat Riley said at the time, he was gearing up for New York.

His first game back against the Pacers was awful, shooting 7-for-28 during an overtime loss. He was solid against Boston three nights later in a blowout. Orlando then gave a preview of what was to come in the playoffs by beating Jordan and the Bulls in Chicago. By the time Jordan got to New York, he was coming off a buzzer-beater to beat Atlanta. All signs were trending up.

The rest is history, as Jordan put up 55 points in a win while donning the Air Jordan X.

The next edition in the Jordan Brand‘s remastered program isn’t that exact colorway, but the red-based “Bulls Over Broadway” sneaker would’ve been killer for MJ on the court. Releasing this weekend at Champs Sports, the shoe has actually always been underrated. The people need to know their history.

These are 5 Reasons Why You Keep Overlooking the Air Jordan 10.


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