Air Force: Gravity-Defying Highlights From LeBron, Durant, and Kobe

  • LeBron James alley-oop

    This is just freakish. It proves that you can throw the ball within eight feet of the hoop and there is a high probability that ‘Bron will find it and slam it down emphatically. “Taking flight” carries a whole new meaning after seeing this alley-oop.

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  • Mid-Air Dish

    When it comes to gravity-defying plays it’s not always about the crazy dunk. A “how did he just do that?” play can also be a layup, pass, or even a block. LeBron doesn’t get enough credit for being the great playmaker that he truly is. In a game against the Pacers during the 2012 Playoffs, LeBron set up teammate Joel Anthony for an easy layup. The entire play was made in the air and LeBron did it with ease.

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  • Alley-Oop

    RIP Jason Terry. One of the better posterizing dunks we have ever witnessed. Terry should have known better and got out of LeBron’s way. The fact that a 250-pound, 6-8 person can get up that high is scary. I hope the Jet learned his lesson.

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  • LeBron James dunk
    NY State of Mind

    Just a normal day at the office for LeBron. Send someone’s shot flying, hustle for the loose ball, and then slam down a Statue of Liberty dunk like it is nothing. It isn’t easy to come up with plays for LeBron’s gravity-defying moments because it seems like he has at least one every single time he steps on the court.

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  • Kevin Durant reverse layup
    The Dr. J

    KD isn’t necessarily known for his hops, but this play is just ridiculous. The fact that Durant, standing at a mean “6-11,” can be as versatile a basketball player as he is sets him apart from the rest. He can stop on a dime from 3-point land, can defend any position, and can also make plays like the one above. How many 7-footers can make a play as athletic as the great Julius Erving? None. That is what sets Durant apart from the rest of the league.

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  • Kevin Durant dunk Roy Hibbert
    In Your Face

    The best part about this play is the reaction Kevin Durant gives after he posterizes Pacers center Roy Hibbert. He gives the face of a stone-cold killer. If I pulled off a move like this, I would scream loud enough for the entire state of Indiana to hear me. I’ve never met Kevin Durant, but watching him on and off the court, he seems like an extremely humble guy. A great characteristic to have in a team leader.

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  • Stephen Curry Kevin Durant alley-oop
    Not Even Fair

    C’mon now. I understand that this is an All-Star Game that usually tends to feature very little defense, but this play is just sick. You have the best point guard in the league throwing a pass in the sky to KD, who grabs it out of the clouds and slams it home. The play almost defies gravity. Imagine these two playing on the same team in the NBA? We can only dream.

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  • Double-Clutch

    Kobe bringing it back to ’96 with this double-clutch reverse dunk. Kobe has been the face of the NBA for 15 years now. His passion, attitude towards winning, and overall skill has helped him achieve a tremendous amount of success in this league. Kobe has the individual accolades, a handful of rings, and enough highlights to create a full-length movie. His dunking ability has been a staple in helping his brand grow ever since the prime age of 18.

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  • Gliding

    This play is just ridiculous. Kobe crosses up Baron Davis, leaves Stephen Jackson in the dust with a nasty spin move, and then jumps in the air to then throw a nasty pass in-between two defenders for an easy slam for teammate Ronny Turiaf. All of this is done in less than five seconds. What makes Kobe different than the rest? His brilliance on and off the court.

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  • Kobe Bryant windmill
    The Windmill

    Nothing like vintage Vino: Kobe in the number 8 jersey throwing down the nasty windmill dunk, then flexing to the crowd. We knew Kobe Bryant was going to be a great player in this league, but no one really saw him becoming one of the greatest players of all time. His brand is at an all-time high even if his game isn’t.

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  • LeBron James alley-oop
  • LeBron James dunk
  • Kevin Durant reverse layup
  • Kevin Durant dunk Roy Hibbert
  • Stephen Curry Kevin Durant alley-oop
  • Kobe Bryant windmill

What is the first thing you think about when you hear gravity-defying basketball plays? My answer: Space Jam. It’s a no-brainer.

Like Michael Jordan and the rest of his Looney Tunes squad, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant have had their fair share of jaw-dropping, gravity-defying moments. Between the three All-Stars, you have a full highlight reel of sick dunks, game-winners, and high-flying blocks. The three future Hall of Famers will go down as helping grow the sport of basketball with their tremendous play. All three were put on this earth to score, win, and dominate during this era.

If you didn’t know, Kobe Bryant won the Slam Dunk Contest in the 1996-1997 season, his rookie year. Ever since then his game has come full circle with a handful of championship rings. LeBron James has been nicknamed the King ever since he was anointed as the next big thing as an underclassman in high school. And, last but not least, Kevin Durant, the reigning MVP, has been a marketing phenom since being drafted second overall in 2007. Each baller has a unique playing style that is vital to keeping us, the fans, entertained.

Not only are they great at basketball, but they are all extremely passionate about growing their own brands. It’s tough to watch an entire playoff game without seeing one of their faces in a commercial. Luckily for us, they are all under one sneaker umbrella: Nike.

Very soon, Champs Sports will be dropping more Elite heat from Nike Basketball. The packs will include the LeBron 12, KD7, and Kobe X, right in time for your summer basketball league. Hey, if your game isn’t on point at least your sneaker rotation will be.

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